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This week in video games...

Originally Posted by Knight of Holy Wor View Post
143 hours on Witcher 3, level 53 after I finished Blood and Wine all side quests and all.

That said, I used a save I loaded from Witcher 2 to get my choices of the previous game and in Witcher 2 I exported my witcher 1 save. So yeah played the same save from witcher 1 to 3

I'm obviously not looking for anything remotely as big a game as witcher 3 but I'm trying to find either a game that's light and humorous while mechanically fun or something with a carefully enough crafted story to get my engrossed.
...played Fallout: New Vegas? =D?

Overlord 2!!

Bought the 20th anniversary edition of Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father cheap on steam. Nice point and click adventure/puzzle/mystery game for a change of pace from the witcher series and to get my noggin workin and bit. Nice to revisit and old series after so long as well.


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