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Quill and Dagger, Private Eye in Pathfinder

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Quill and Dagger, Private Eye in Pathfinder

Quill and Dagger - Forum

Quill and Dagger is basically a first generation private investigator firm. They will be doing jobs for both the government, mafia, and private citizens alike. The party will be new recruits to the organization, gathered by an old retiree that was once the second in command of the group. He will direct the party on missions, and pay them handsomely or thier efforts, as well as providing room and board, based on the success of the company. This will be a covert, spy kind of game, with clandestine activities taking center stage. That's not to say however there won't be plenty of heads to crack, but getting in and out with minimal attention will be at the forefront of priorities.

The setting is an original of mine, consisting of 4 cities that were once created at similar times a fair distance from each other, bu which have grown such that they literally bump up against each other, with stone walls separating them.

More information about character crunch and setting details will be on the board.

Game Description:

The Red Lobster Inn is a lot larger on the inside than its unassuming exterior would suggest. Tables are spread out widely, smoke filling the dimly lit voids between them. Despite the some and abundant alcohol however, the place smells of the woods, owing to the roaring fire supplied with pine and well ventilated, as well as the well kept to glossy sheen bar, carved from one continuous redwood log. The clientele is varied, old veterans sit alone, watching the door, some to protect their own paranoia, some because they're paid to. Gamblers sit at the largest tables, throwing dice and card alike, betting more than mere gold. Off duty guardsmen lounge comfortably, pointedly ignoring the illegal activity surrounding them. Barmaids walk fast between tables, delivering drinks with cold smiles, glints of iron revealing themselves to careful observers, where each has hidden a weapon. Street Urchins sit on the floor, near the tables of their sponsors, watching everything intently, scurrying after the last puff from discarded cigars, but knowing that making any real noise would see them ejected. The barkeep is Glaucon, a tall, muscular elf. He easily serves those at the bar, and supplies drinks to the barmaids, moving with calculated speed, a precise grace he could equally apply to the massive, dimly glowing elven curved blade hanging behind the bar, just high enough that few other than Glaucon could reach it easily.
This is the infamous Red Lobster Inn. where ne'er-do-wells and hit men rubbed shoulders, where blood was naught dared spilled, but rather was paid for. Here one could find lucrative work, given that one had the stomach for it, and it was here that the encrypted flier had lead. It was here that quill and dagger would be recruiting a team of cutthroats and ruffians. Quill and Dagger had been inactive for years, but before then, had been the scourge of hte underworld. Organized crime and the government of the city, Kallipolis, alike had paid them to simply not gather information against them. But they had gone underground, and now resurfaced, with only vestiges of their reputation remaining. But those vestiges remain all the same, and are enough to draw a number of hopefuls, people who want nothing more than to a part of such an organization, and they're about to be filling in...

Inherited Will, the Destiny of the Age, and the Dreams of the People. These are things that will not be stopped. As long as people continue to pursue the meaning of Freedom, these things will never cease to be!

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