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The 14th Age is looking for replacement adventurers

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The 14th Age is looking for replacement adventurers

The Devious the Desperate and the Dead - Forum
13th Age

Hi Weavers, I'm looking for some new blood to join our post-apocalyptic 13th Age game. The setting was jointly created by myself and the original group of players, but we've had a few of them drop out due to RL circumstances. The premise is relic-hunters employed by the Prince of Shadows to delve into the secret history of the previous Ages, including the recently ended 13th. The setting includes new Icons and Defiled Magic a la Dark Sun.

The cut-and-pasted assembly of setting bits can be perused in this thread. I understand it can be a little bit of a jumble to sift through but I would be happy to fill out any details that don't make sense anymore since they are presented out of context of the OOC conversation.

Level 5 characters, standard starting ability score array.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or ask away in the game's OOC thread. Thanks for looking!

Game Description:

A 13th Age Campaign

Gaming Status: Regular posting schedule.
If you are on the fence, let me just say Sandster is awesome - he wants to see your PCs succeed in cinematic style, he is phenomenal at creating interesting and challenging encounters with the tools the story gives him, and he knows how to keep ratcheting up the tension. As one of the players I'd be happy to answer any questions.

For certain we have the following:
  • Inca Jade: Human Stalwart (web material from Pelgrane Press, basically a hercules type warrior)
  • Miladora Kainswell: Human Occultist (from the 13 True Ways supplement)

We might have (or may one day return):
  • Terra Silverskie: Half-elf druid (from the 13 True Ways supplement)
  • Gaerr Fechual: Lizardfolk Brawler (another web class, kind of like a monk.)

I'm interested but can you have a little blurb to give us an idea of where the group currently is, what are they doing, etc. etc.

I'm still interested, though there are a lot of character ideas I'm bouncing around. Are there any party roles that really need to be filled?

Originally Posted by omnitricks
can you have a little blurb to give us an idea of where the group currently is, what they are doing, et. etc.
Apart from what Sandster said in the recruitment post, the group just finished their first IC mission for the Prince (though presumably they have done other missions for him before the game started). This took place in the ruins below the city-state of New Axis, which is the home of the Tyrant (the icon that possibly replaced the Emperor). The group recovered the Regalia of the Emperor - an artifact consisting of the Emperor's three symbols of office: namely the crown, the orb, and the scepter.

Our interactions with the Prince of Shadows have not been face to face - our mediary is a Kenku Inkmage who goes by the name of Black Quill. We just snatched the regalia from the Myrmidons - a hive of mutated ant things - and then collapsed the ruins onto the Lich King's emissary Ishna, a necromancer of some power who was also after the Regalia. She's probably fairly unhappy with us, and one could assume by proxy we've earned the enmity of the Lich King. And I'm guessing the Tyrant is none too happy either.

The first chapter ended with us grabbing the regalia and leaping into a river at the bottom of the chasm to effect an escape from said collapse.

Originally Posted by VennDygrem
Are there any party roles that really need to be filled?
Well, Inca is a warrior - she hits things and throws javelins and generally stays in the thick of the fight. Miladora is a spellcaster but the Occultist really spends a lot of time helping other people do damage rather than just flinging out spells like a wizard.

Those are the only two PCs we have for sure right now. It's possible we still have a druid - she's been a mix of melee and spellcasting, able to give us a bit of healing when we need it and still wade into things. Hopefully one day our Brawler will return also, and he's another melee sort.

I don't know if Sandster feels like there are certain spots that need to be filled or not. Personally, I don't feel like we need one of this and one of that so I say apply with the character that most interests you. But I'm just one player, and possibly not really the voice of reason.

Originally Posted by omnitricks View Post
I'm interested but can you have a little blurb to give us an idea of where the group currently is, what are they doing, etc. etc.
The group is at the tail-end of a mission to acquire the long-lost Imperial Regalia (the Emperor's three symbols of office — the crown, the orb and the scepter) in the underground ruins of Axis, where they delve into the remnants of the palace of the Wizard King (the Lich King before he turned completely to necromancy). Along the way, they encounter a clockwork historian, fungaloids, and the artifact once used by the then-Wizard King to speak with the dead, all while being pursued by agents of the Lich King.

They finally find the regalia in the possession of an alien hive-mind ant-swarm that escaped from the Wizard-King's menagerie, but just as they are about to wrest the regalia from the creatures the Lich King's operative explodes into the chamber. That's when we lost our last two players. I will write them out as getting washed away to places unknown by the flooding underground river that carries the remaining heroes with their prize and off to safety.

EDIT: Looks like Gral beat me to the punch.

No spots really to be filled. I suppose a stealth-type character might be helpful, but definitely just apply with what you're interested in.

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