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Nova Praxis: Plus Ultra (recruitment)

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Nova Praxis: Plus Ultra (recruitment)

Nova Praxis: Plus Ultra - Forum

We are at the start of a Nova Praxis game set on Mars. The team has been tasked by the Plus Ultra, a resurrection insurance company, to retrieve the mnemonic core of a researcher who crashed her aerodyne skiff on the violent, lawless city of New Turin. The team has just arrived and is looking for clues!

We have had a player going AWOL and another bowing out, so we need 1-3 new players to continue!

(In case you're wondering, Nova Praxis is a transhumanist game which uses a mixture of FATE Core and Fate 2.0 rules, set after a Grey Goo nanomachine apocalypse consumes Earth. Corporations control Mars and several exoplantes, and there is much tension between pure, unaugmented humans, and those who have embraced the merging of man and machine. Here's the trailer.)

Game Description:

Welcome to Plus Ultra's Life Extension services, the Resurrection Insurance company of House Cipriani! Where eternity is just a backup away.

This will be a (likely) short length introductory Nova Praxis campaign about a mercenary crew recovering the mnemonic core of a dead, wealthy customer. The themes will be intrigue, corporate ruthlessness, and crime. The story will take place in Mars, more specifically around the Coalition capital of Olympus. New NP players are welcomed!

What is the posting rate requirement (if any)? I may be interested (need to read more to be sure), but I want to make sure first that I won't bog down the game, as I can't really keep up with the 1/day rate that most games request.

Once every 3 days seems to be the highest we pull off; once every week is more the norm. I don't know many games which can actually keep up with 1/day.

Alright, that sounds like something I could keep up with. I'll have a look in your game threads over the weekend, check with a friend who may run another game, and let you know by Sunday or Monday.

My sincere apologies; the weekend got too busy for me, and with the site being sporadically down and everything I couldn't find a chance to look at the threads. I may still have a look (although this week is extremely busy for me), but please prioritise other applicants over me. I am sorry for this, but I thought that letting you know was the very least I could do.

No rush, I engineered the adventure to make it easy to plug in and out characters. Thanks for letting me know though, that's considerate of you.

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