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Ivory City - City of Mist (PbtA)

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Ivory City - City of Mist (PbtA)

Ivory City: City of Mist - Forum
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Player Expectations
New players are welcome. Please try to post at least 3-4 times a week (aim for once a day/every other day). Communication is key. If you plan to be unavailable, please let me know (via OOC post) and we can work together. I am flexible, but I want to keep things moving for the enjoyment of everyone (PbP games are notorious for stalling out and I don't want that for us).

About the GM
I have played D&D many years ago back at the start of 3rd. I took a long break and have recently gotten back into it (about a year). Since then I've been branching out into other systems. I'm new to the City of Mist system, but have played FATE and other PbtA games in the past. I am always open to suggestions and feedback as long as it remains positive and non-toxic. My style is very player driven. I like to give players options and the power to help create the world around us and have fun exploring different arcs and characters.

Please head over to the application forum to review the process. Characters can be a work in progress and don't need to be fully fleshed out (I encourage you to leave few holes so that we can fill them in as we play). Try to include information about what makes your character unique or interesting in some way. Perfect characters are boring, flaws and shortcomings add interest.

Game Description:

"This city has gone to the dogs, or maybe it's always been this way. Crime everywhere, people murdered in their homes, chaos on every corner... and everyone just looks the other way. They pretend like everything is alright so they can continue to live their lives uninterrupted, like ostriches burying their head in the sand. Every once in a while though, someone stands up for what's right. Them folk are rare, and they don't last long. Brave, or maybe stupid, gets snuffed pretty quick in this city..."

This game will use the City of Mist system (a PBTA system that has some FATE like elements). It will have a noir feel, and may explore some darker/grittier themes depending on the interest. Looking for 3-5 players to help build out the city, solve crimes and mysteries, and just have lots of fun.

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