Non Sequitur

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Best Character Quotes- now with 50% less context!

"One less enemy to fight, one more ally to stab us in the back later."

"We come from Up!"


"Relax guys, we're good. I've got another helicopter lying around somewhere."

"Does anyone else find it strange that the god of apathy has such devoted followers?"

"My health bar is low! I need pork chops!"

"No, the big bad does NOT want to take your hand in unholy matrimony."

"What if I let him be on top?"

"He's listening."

Oh, I have another!

"I have no idea, the Grey Fox charged in on a dragon, screaming about eating babies and tongue kissing Satan."

Fighter: "when you wake up I'm sharpening my blade"
Cleric: "When you wake up I'm sharpening my axe"
warlock: "When you wake up I'm sharpening a rabbit"


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