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Simple Truths

11. Everyone you've ever known exists only as a model in your brain. This model is never really accurate and is based more upon you than it is on them.

12. Physics... is always fair.

13. Quantum Physics... cheats.

.ti dear lliw uoy ,nettirw evah I tahw esrever I fI .41

16. Threads like this do not always fit the category description of Non Sequitur in-so-far-as "...and other threads that don't promote discussion."

Originally Posted by Therren View Post
14. If I reverse what I said, you well read it
.ti dear lliw uoy ,nettirw evah I tahw esrever I fI .41
19. 14 is true, unless written normally elsewhere.

20. There is no goddess but the goddess who is a goddess...

21. I did have the win, till I gave it to Mordę...

25. Disney movies are as cruel as Shakespearan tragedies, and, in the case of The Lion King, can be blatant ripoffs as well.

26. A visit to Disney World in mid-February is far crueler than any of their films' horrifying plot points.

27. Euro-Disney was an insane idea. Who needs plastic castles when you have real ones every other block?!


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