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Divine Eggs

Divine Eggs

How do various D&D Deities like their eggs?

[3:46 PM] AbsentWizard: Pelor prefers his eggs sunny side up

[3:46 PM] Raveled: Helm likes his eggs hard boiled.

[3:48 PM] Raveled: Takhesis likes scrambled eggs.
[3:48 PM] Raveled: No, soft-boiled.
[3:48 PM] Raveled: No, hard-boiled!
[3:48 PM] Raveled: No, Benedict!

[3:48 PM] AbsentWizard: Vecna likes eggs deconstructed
[3:48 PM] AbsentWizard: The whites, fried up. The yolk, fried up separately

[3:49 PM] Raveled: Obad-hai takes his fried.
[3:49 PM] AbsentWizard: Ehlonna takes hers soft boiled
[3:50 PM] Raveled: Wastri likes them better at the place down the street.

[3:50 PM] Cronocke: Myhriss likes hers over easy. get it over easy because she's the goddess of love she's easy haha i'm so clever kill me
[3:50 PM] EDTA: Murlynd goes for heuvos rancheros
[3:50 PM] Raveled: Erythnul likes her eggs as chickens. :stuck_out_tongue:

[3:51 PM] Cronocke: hextor likes his eggs fossilized. so he can throw them at people's heads.

Cayden Cailean prefers his eggs pickled
Asmodeus? Deviled eggs, naturally.
And Urgathoa prefers hers ROTTEN!

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