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The Unknowable Comes

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The Unknowable Comes

The Depths of Pond - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e

What's This Game?

The dream came to you when you least expected. Black clouds, rolling thunder, and green lightning fill the sky. And you stand on a vast plane of empty gray. But not alone. Next to you, five other figures stand, shrouded in darkness and their features hidden from you.

A voice rumbles from the sky, inhuman, impossibly large. It's speaking to you. To your core, to your soul. Your very being thrums with its power and anger.

I̴̥ ͍͓̼̫͙̬͈A̷̱̥͇͉̥̰Ḿ̘͇̻̣ ̛͍C͓̭̜̤͉̮͉͠O̺̗M̠I͍͖N̸͎̰͎̗̱G̳̠̠̝͞ ̶F͙̱̙͇͉͘O̘ͅR͓̝̲̦ ̷̮̭̗̯Y̛̝̤̲͈ͅO͎̮̫̖͚͘U̙

A flash of blinding green light, and then... awake. In your bed, just where you'd left yourself. Of course. At your door, the hiss of paper on floor. Scrambling in the darkness, you snatch the envelope from the floor. Unexpected, but not unwelcome. The winds of your future are contained within.

About The Game

The Depths of Pond is a Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition game, set in the world of Pond. This is the first time I've attempted to use Pond in 5th Edition, so there may be some odd things that happen as a result.

This game is designed to introduce players to Pond while providing an interesting challenge and a mix of linear storytelling and open-world exploration. At points, your next objective will be clear. At others, you will be asked to make a choice of how you would like to proceed.

This game is divided into four acts, each with five chapters. Over the course of the game, player characters will evolve from barely tested adventurers into a group of champions that all of Pond will look up to. And trust me, Pond is going to need them in the end.

The game has fallen on hard times and we're down to just 3 players. I'm looking to bring 2 or 3 new players into the fold to flesh out the party and breathe some new life into the game.

How To Apply

So, all of this is exciting and all well and good, but it's not worth anything if you don't know how to join the game!

The Character Creation rules can be found here: Click Me!

Questions can be asked in this thread: Click Me!

Applications should be posted in the Applications section of the game forum. They, and the scores they receive, will be public for this game. The Application Judging Criteria can be found here: Click Me! In addition, I will be consulting with the existing party to make sure I pick characters that fit well with the game and their characters.

Please make sure you complete your application as soon as possible. Any application that isn't finished will be automatically disqualified from the game, and I hate doing that to people. The application process will close at midnight Eastern Time, March 24th. Once I've selected players, gameplay will promptly resume on March 26th. I've made sure that this time-frame is long enough to give players plenty of time to read over the player's guide and incorporate their character into the world.

Important: If you have previously applied to The Depths of Pond, don't hesitate to apply again! You may use your previous character and make improvements, or you may create a brand new character.

I am looking for two to three players to flesh out the existing party.

Anything Else?

Hello! I'm Nathan! I'm a humble moderator for the Weave, you may have seen me around here and there. Pond is my pride and joy and I'm very excited to be running another game using the world.

I will be posting once every time all of the players post, so the pace of the game will be determined by the players and how frequently they post. I do have other duties at the moment, but I am confident with my ability to keep up with the game by posting at least once per week. As a result, I only expect one post per player per week.

For this particular game, I feel the need to explain a bit more information about the type of player I'm looking for. I would prefer players that are well-versed in D&D 5th Edition. I've decided that many, many optional rules 5th Edition offers are allowed, so being at least somewhat familiar with them is going to aid you greatly. While not required, knowing a bit about Pond is helpful. The Player's Guide lays out a lot of the baseline information you need to know for the game, but Pond is expansive and there's plenty to find in the Pond Wiki.

Are you ready to explore...

The Depths of Pond?

Game Description:

The Depths of Pond is a Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition game, set in Pond. Designed to be an introduction to the world of Pond and a full-fledged campaign, the game will take a fledgling party and turn it into a battle-scarred and time-tested group of heroes. The Depths of Pond is a full campaign, written by yours truly, Nathan. It is part linear, part sandbox, meaning that at times the story and progression of plot will be made clear by the DM, but at other times the players will have a choice of the order for completing objectives.

Welcome to Pond.
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