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Shattered Firmament Recruitment

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Shattered Firmament Recruitment

Shattered Firmament - Forum

IntroductionAbout Me: Hello! My name is Roboti Chocolati and this my game. I have been playing tabletop for about 10 years, mostly in Pathfinder and DnD 3.5. I expect players to post at least 5 times a week and hold myself to the same standard. I tend to be a very open person and if there's a bit of 3rd Party of Homebrew you'd like to incorporate into your character to make its mechanics fit your desired flavor, don't hesitate to ask.

About the Game: Currently, I'm looking for 3-5 players to portray legendary heroes reincarnated into unfamiliar bodies for the purposes of mending a broken world. The game takes a good deal of inspiration from the Dark Souls series, especially the third entry, but mostly in terms of world-building not in terms of difficulty. It is also influenced by Flat Earth theory, especially biblical interpretations, H.P. Lovecraft, Clive Barker's Abarat and Sword Art Online. If this game sounds like something your interested in then please take a gander inside!

This ad will remain open until March 25th. After that point, existing applicants will have time to finish before selections are made.

The Simplified CrunchAbility Scores: Determine your ability scores using a 25-point point buy.
Alignments: Any non-chaotic or any non-evil. Good alignments are encouraged but not required.
Races: Only Core Races.
Class/Level: Gestalt/Level 3
Hit Points: Max per level
Traits: 2, more if you take Drawbacks (up to 2 maximum).
Acceptable Sources: Any Paizo, DSP Psionics, DSP Path of War, DSP Akashic Mysteries, DSP Malefex, DDS Spheres of Power, DDS Spheres of Might, DDS Champions of the Spheres, RH Pact Magic.

For full guidelines, follow this link.

Game Description:


For untold eons, the Firmament has protected the world of Terrum from the Keening Sea beyond. The great vaulted dome of crystal is a barrier between the sane reality within and formless chaos without. More than mere protection, the Firmament ensures the orderly progression of Life, Death and Time. The Great Celestial Mechanisms of the Sun, Moon and Constellations dwell within the Firmament and it is their endless dance by which the pace of the world is set.

For untold eons, the Firmament stood unbroken above Terrum but it is whole no more. The Hunger Star, a sanity-rotting entity from the Keening Sea, has broken through, rending a great hole in the sky. It isn't darkness visible within the fissure but something else entirely. Those who look up see truth then nothing ever again. The Sun, Moon and Constellations jerk spasmodically in their fixations, unable to continue their dance across the broken Mechanism.

Life fails.

Death fails.

Time itself fails.

The souls of the dead cannot depart. The souls of newborn cannot arrive. And, from the chaos beyond, formless beings stream in to claim the empty husks. Time becomes soft and malleable, like wet clay. The past blurs into the present and the future falls off of the Great Plan.

What hope can there be in this Hell?


No pressure.

Posting Status: Family stuff, probably no posts for a day or two.

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Very interested

Posting interest, just getting back into the swing of things, so I hope the app is still open.

I agree, this looks interesting. How long is recruiting going to be open?

I intended for 2-3 weeks based on level of interest then some time for uncompleted apps to be finished.

Sweet! I'll take a look at the forum soon and see what sort of app I can put together.

Originally Posted by Viletta Vadim View Post
This is one Hell of an application window. O.o
Is that good or bad, lol?


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