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Cortex Prime High Fantasy

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Cortex Prime High Fantasy

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Okee doke. Show me you want to play. Once we've got enough players, I'll move this discussion to the game forum.

Game Description:

Remember that first time you chucked dice across the table, heroically battling orcs or goblins? Or explored a deep tomb, finding traps and horrors in every dark corner? Relive that excitement with this variant of Cortex Prime, or enjoy these types of stories as a brand new experience!

Game SystemI'm using the as-yet unreleased Cortex Prime toolkit, built out into a fantasy-style variant I've been working on (rules here). It's basically Firefly turned into D&D.

My rules variant will continue to be updated as I work on it, and as you fine folks help me fine-tune it. In case you missed the subtext between the lines, this is a play-test. You can get the required SRD through the $5 level at Cam Banks' Patreon, or you can ask me anything in the OOC thread or on my Discord.

StorylineI honestly don't know. I'm considering retreading Keep on the Shadowfell, or Keep on the Borderlands, or doing something city-based in Sharn or Waterdeep. I'll let the player complement guide that. I'd like to use either a Fate-style or Fiasco-style party setup, so we don't have a "you all meet in a tavern" moment, and I have a few backstory links to key off of.

PlayersWell, this is ostensibly a play-test. It would be nice to have a perfect little demographic range, with one player familiar with Cortex but not D&D, one that's opposite, one with both, and one with neither. I'm not going to limit this to that though I'd rather just have a fun time. I'm setting a hard limit of six players, but will be very happy to run for four or five.

CharactersCharacter creation rules are in the Brew, and should be familiar to anyone who's played Firefly. I'd rather characters get created after player applications are closed, but you're welcome to play around with the system on your own. There's a printable character sheet, but I don't have a form-fillable or digital version yet. I'll see if I can throw together a decent vBulletin template before we start.

Originally Posted by jonas28 View Post
I have a question about the sheet though. What is the purpose of the Equipment? Is it just a list of the characters physical objects, like the on the original D&D sheet?
whoops! yeah, those are signature assets. I realized that with SAs like "Underworld Contacts" or "Bat Familiar" that "Equipment" was really more inaccurate, and it's changed in the Brew, but I haven't fixed it on the sheet yet. \_(ツ)_/

ok, so I threw together a BBCode version of the character sheet.

there's also a planning thread, since you five are approved. it may not be today, but I'll describe the Fiasco/Fate style setup I was referring to there.

I'm more used to MHR and have tried to make a fantasy-ish one shot for my friends with the hackers guide before. I wouldn't mind trying this just to see how someone else handles fantasy cortex.

that's six then!

so. do you have the courage and fortitude to follow orders and stay true in the face of danger and almost certain death?

serious talk though, you six are dedicated for a good chunk of play time, and possible playtest feedback? I will close the advertising post if everyone's for sure on board.

As long as the posting rate is once every 1-2 days I think I'm good. Happy to provide feedback on what specific elements work or don't for me.


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