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Freeport The city of adventures

Freeport - Forum

Type of game: Cosmic Horror, Pulp Swashbuckling Adventures
Numbers of Players: 4 to 6

The setting:

Freeport is a city, a home base for pirates and secrets of all kind on an island. It is named the "City of Adventure" across the world. It mixes wealth and poverty, also being at the crossroads of the world, it allows merchants of all kind to stop to come and sell their wares. Freeport is a large city with many districts and home to many cultures and races. Many notorious pirates live here and some people just live a honest life in Freeport. The city had to deal with Great Old One and outer gods cults in the past and hope that they have been eradicated.

Freeport is run by the Sea Lord and the Captains' Council. Marilise Maeorgan is the current Sea Lord, a powerful woman. The law is loose, the government is corrupted and most nobles enjoy their own private security.

Beyond Freeport, sailing too far away is usually fairly dangerous and not too explored. The biggest and closest land to Freeport is simply known as the Continent house many nations such as the Bone Lands to the North, a barren wasteland, the Empire of Hexworth to the west, the autocracy of Iovan, The ivory ports to the southeast, The sultanate of Kizmir home of the Azhar, The ever-vigilant Kingdom of Rolland,the Holy Oligarchy of Tagmata to the southwest, The Vorizar League, a coalition of dwarf cities.

Far in the Northlands, tales of frozen tundra, Jarls, brave warriors, skalds, Frost giants, and the likes regale many stories of their adventures.

The Southlands are too far away for regular contacts, Khaeder and the port of Mazin are known to exist but not much else, Mazini slavers are infamous while a lot of ivory seems to come from Khaeder. Most characters with occult classes come from these lands.

Local Currency: Gold lords, Silver Skulls and Copper Pennies.

The Premise:
In Freeport, opportunity comes knocking when the well respected Martin Hawkes , is looking for new bloods to do a job for him, the meeting is in the Eastern District.

If you need more details about a god, feel free to inquire (From holy symbol, doctrine, mechanics, what are the worshipers called etc...), the list is not exhaustive and covers the deities that you are most likely to interact with in Freeport Temple district.

Shalimyr (CN) is both the God of the Sea and God of Storms.
Tinel (CG/N) God of Magic, Knowledge and Truth, he is the God of knowledge in his CG form, and God of Magic in his N aspect.
Terak (LN/LG) is the God of War and Valor in his LG aspect.
Canelle (CG) is the Goddess of Victory and Strength
Darmon (CG) is the God of roads, luck, and commerce.
Harrimast (CN) is the God of pirates
Maal (LN) is the God of Law and Justice, he is worshiped also as a God of Retribution and the God of the Inquisition in Hexworth.
Morwyn (LG) is the Goddess of Healing.
Thellyne (NG) is the Goddess of life, woodcraft, nature and the hunt
Urian (NG) is the God of the Air and the Sky, mostly known as the Sun God.
Mormekar (N/NE) is the God of death and rebirth, by default he is against undeath (using the repose domain) but the evil cult of Icy Breath worships him as a God of Murder, using the Death domain also worshiped in the Bone Lands in that aspect.
Thellos (NE) God of Greed and gluttony is mostly worshiped as the god of thieves.
Aymara (CG) Goddess of love and art is worshiped as a goddess of Lust.

Other faiths includes:
Asmodeus, Archdevils, demon lords, many cults, including of course mythos deities.

Note: Freeport will be your main base of operation and some adventures might take you away from it, but the focus is definitely on Freeport and finding out about things that you were not meant to know.

Start your own thread in the Applications folder, would need the usual description and some background, mostly why are you in Freeport?

Game Description:

Freeport the city of adventures, PF version, pirates and cthulhu mythos, swasbuckling and cosmic horror, all in one package.

Back to the future.

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Sounds awesome, I'll send an application by the end of the day. One thing though: are goblin characters allowed?
I don't mean that as a joke, I have an idea for a goblin swashbuckler I've been meaning to put together.

Yeah Goblins are allowed. Freeport has a lot of savage humanoids in general due to the Reclamation Project, Hobgoblins, Goblins, Island Trolls, Kobolds and Orcs generally live in Bloodsalt district(only founded 4 years ago). Goblins in particular aren't welcome in some of the nicer districts and of course get bullied by Orcs and Hobgoblins as they tend to be bigger and stronger than them.

Well I'm selecting on Wednesday, depends if you think that you can make a character between now and wednesday.

Originally Posted by Chaos Emerald View Post
Well I'm selecting on Wednesday, depends if you think that you can make a character between now and wednesday.
Outstanding. It might be up by tonight. Refamiliarizing myself with this forum's features might slow me down a little.

I'm making a half-orc oracle (possessed archetype- PFRPG APG, dragon mystery- PFRPG Legacy of Dragons) who has traded out all his half-orc racial traits save orc blood for sacred tattoo, dusksight, and dragonsight.

General gist- he was a half-orc fisherman (actually, just a boy) who dreamed one night that a star dropped from the sky on him. He awoke with a tattoo on his forehead and was...different.


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