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What is the default font? Arial?


text I'm trying to adjust this in size and font to match.

That's going to depend on any individual's computer. Each device is going to look for the first installed font from this list:

Originally Posted by The Stylesheet
tahoma, verdana, geneva, lucida, 'lucida grande', arial, helvetica, sans-serif
So if an end user has "verdana" "lucida" and "arial" installed, that device will use "verdana." I'm not sure, but there's a good chance both Windows and Mac machines ship with Tahoma.

"sans-serif" will pick another prominent sans-serif font on the end-users device only if none of the other items are installed. I'm tempted to dig up my old Linux laptop and look out of pure curiosity.

More bad news: even if you pick a font from the dropdown list, it will depend on the end-user having it installed.

All said and done, it seems safe to assume most users are seeing the Tahoma font.

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