Mikhail Lagunov, Human Tempest Cleric - Myth-Weavers

Mikhail Lagunov, Human Tempest Cleric

Mikhail Lagunov, Human Tempest Cleric

Mikhail Lagunov - Variant Human Cleric - Tempest Domain - Level 2 - AL Logsheet
HP: 15/15 AC: 16 Passive Perception: 15
Conditions: None
Spell Slots: 3/3 at lvl 1


Looks pretty good. You need to identify your PHB+1 sources, but that's the only thing I saw.

Are you still wanting to play him in LMoP?

Verified and moved over. Since you don't need a +1 right now, you can choose at any time in case you want the additional spells from XGtE of a new source yet to be released. You can change your choice up to level 4.

Welcome to to Lost Mines of Phandelver.

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