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Lore, Legends, and Lies

Lore, Legends, and Lies

Saltmarsh in the Forgotten Realms
Midway between Waterdeep and Neverwinter, the town of Saltmarsh and its hardy inhabitants endure both Winter storms and the Mere of the Dead Men to the south. Because of the politics churning in Thornhold on the far side of the marsh, help is often slow to come, and so the townsfolk have become quite self-reliant. Even smugglers from Luskan and lizardfolk from the marshes are unofficially accepted among the locals.

Calendar of the Sword Coast

Month | Name
1 Hammer
* Midwinter
2 Alturiak
3 Ches (Spring Equinox on the 19th)
4 Tarsakh
* Greengrass holiday
5 Mirtul
6 Kythorn (Summer Solstice on the 20th)
7 Flamerule
* Midsummer holiday
* Shieldmeet holiday (every 4 years)
8 Eleasis
9 Eleint (Autumn Equinox on the 21st)
* Highharvestide holiday
10 Marpenoth
11 Uktar
* The Feast of the Moon
12 Nightal (Winter Solstice on the 20th)

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