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In Dire Need

Duncan Tallheart
Duncan Tallheart

Duncan's eyes scoured the cavern looking for defensible locations and exit strategies. "Having the entrance be a such a choke point might be the only thing that kept these folks alive this long."

The commotion of battle is heard in the distance mixed with the screeches of the giant owls as they pepper the ogres with their evasive tactics before returning to their fey realm. The satisfaction that the owls got a to dig their talons in the flesh of their enemies before departing is felt by many.

The goodberries and the water go a long way in aiding the dwarves, though they balk at such nourishment at first. Soon, bellies feel full. Vall and Lajal realize exhaustion is the biggest threat facing the dwarves. Their healing magic will only stave off the inevitable unless they can escape the seige. Constant watches and the ogres' continued testing of their defenses and resolve cannot be remedied by their magics.

Then shouts from from the ogres beyond the choke point remind you that time is no one's ally.

"Hide in your hole like rats! Giants come soon - make rat stew!"

"Har-har," bellows another ogre voice. "Dwarf'z die like rats or come die in battle?"

This draws the ire of many of the dwarves who would prefer to die in a straight up fight but they are quelled by Captain Marblehead. "Easy lads and lasses, don't let them goad you into false action."

"Whatever we do, we can't leave behind the relic," Sister Dorcas Hallowhall, a cleric of Sharindlar, the platoon's chaplain and medic interjects. She indicates the raised fire pit in the center of the shrine.

The two dwarven commanders both nod in agreement.

You spend some time considering your options. It might be possible to sneak through the camp. There were many ogres, but the gorge is bigger than they can cover at once. It might help to learn about any habits the ogres have formed. You might also be able to climb to freedom. It is possible, though difficult, to scale the gorge side to the land above. And, some of you also recognize the precariousness of the gorge walls - much of that ice and snow is threatening to come down already. You might be able to do something to encourage its fall and cause an avalanche. But this could prove hazardous to everyone if not done carefully.

LN, Male Tortle Druid 5th
AC 19 | HP 38/38 | THP 10 | Init +0 | Speed 30' | Perception +6 | Conditions: None | Concentration: Conjure Animals
Spells: (1/4)x1, (1/3)x2, (1/2)x3 | Totem: 0

Lajal looks over at the Sarcophagus "Could we use this like my shell? Get the dwarfs under it and then walk out?" he ponders a moment more, tapping his great claw on his chin. "Could we use them to for shelter and cause an avalanche? "

Lajal looks around at the pillars "Could we use them as stepping stones and climb out?"

"I may be able to help people sneak and take a look at the ogres, start fighting back, and taking them out one at a time? nature provides me with a way to hide our form, tracks and scent"

"I feel that the Sarcophagus, the Pillars, and the possibility of an avalanche are what are going to help us escape, but I can't think how. "

When Sister Dorcas Hallowhall mentions the relic Lajal looks up "What relic Sister"?

Theren looks around the dwarves around him for a moment before turning back toward the gorge. "A good invisibility spell might work. I can only cast it on a few. Although if you have something more wide spread, that could prove useful. Hmm... the real issue I can see is the numbers, about 30 people is a lot to account for." Glancing back toward Lajal, he asks, "Just how wide spread is your hiding magic? If we could pair that with another illusion for a distraction, we might sneak the lot of them out. Either the sounds of many dwarves moving in a different direction to mask our exit, or perhaps something with a bit more flair... I would not mind trying a villainous monologue..." he adds, tapping his chin in thought. After a moment, Theren seems to return his to the present situation. "Speaking of a relic, I do believe that a tablet was mentioned to us. Something with runes of ancient giant magics. That might be something we should keep out of the ogres' hands. Even if they can not use it, perhaps whoever is helping them can."


"Aye! we'll be taking the relic back with us!"
"But I wouldn't be doing anything to desecrate this place either,if you recall the shrine we encountered when looking for the dragon cache horde,they might not take to kindly to having it wrecked. It might cause long term problems."
"Lajal! can you only summon animals or can summon elementals?,I am friends with earth elementals.,maybe they could aid us."
"The sarcophagus could be used! we could use it like a siege engine device to shield the dwarves ,whilst we either try and conceal them or take the fight to them...tis a shame we lost Owyn"
"but by Moradin's hammer we shall see these dwarves thru to safety."
"But we may have to leave post haste,whilst I know we have fallen a giant before,Two plus the rest of them,may need me to take my coat off." he says with a belly laugh.

LN, Male Tortle Druid 5th
AC 19 | HP 38/38 | THP 10 | Init +0 | Speed 30' | Perception +6 | Conditions: None | Concentration: Conjure Animals
Spells: (1/4)x1, (1/3)x2, (1/2)x3 | Totem: 0

"Only beasts, I am not yet a powerful a druid to summon the likes of elementals. I can call forth another set of beasts, but they only last us an hour, perhaps if we put all the dwarves in the sarcophagus and used them as boats and get the beasts to push us, we could sail out of here" Lajal jokes

"Do we have any ropes?"
"we could make a giant sled? if you could summon anything to pull us."


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