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The Yawning Portal (OOC Thread)

I like the map! Do you know if the other things you posted are AL legal? Some sound pretty cool - BBQ Pit yo!

Edit - saw your other post now

Yup: it’s AL legal, code DDHC-WDH-04: only thing not allowed is two subclasses in it: Brewing Domain Cleric and Bard College Of Revelry.

Here are two AL-legal backgrounds from Durnan’s guide: Tavern Worker and Tavern Regular.
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That looks so fun, and the maps are great. Unfortunately, Velenthe's going Spellsinger, so she'll need her money to copy spells.

With enough of an investment it should earn a decent return. Though we understand Wizards are always broke.

It’s all up to QJ though.

These are awesome! I downloaded the PDF for use in my own games. Thanks for this!

Also, I am going to move these posts to their own thread so we can refer to them easily.

Great idea. I'm going copy it for my WDDH game, too.


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