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Farland Climate

Farland Climate

What is the climate of Farland? What is its weather like? I want to include weather and such within my game, but I'm not quite sure what it's like.

Hi there! Great question. Here is a write-up on the climate: http://www.farlandworld.com/characteristics.html

Hope that helps. Let us know if you have any more questions.

I'm in Somewhatlazy's game as well.

The location is Zeland (Towers of Night, specifically), which from the maps has the same northern latitude as Belendale, but lies directly north of Orland and doesn't have an immediate mountain to create a rainshadow, assuming the winds blow from the west to the east.

So should our DM adjust the temp to be colder from the Zeland averages, or use coastal Far City's climate, with more extreme lows and highs due to the lack of a moderating coastal presence of the ocean?

I’d say because of the lack of moderation from
Ocean or wind/rain break from mountains, I’d guess more like the Belendale— prob averages 25 to 80 F — cold winters, moderate to hot summers.

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