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Gamma World/ Fallout/ Shadowrun d20 rules

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Gamma World/ Fallout/ Shadowrun d20 rules

Gamma World Meets Shadowrun Meets Fallout - Forum
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I am looking to start a Gamma World game with some changes. Magic exists in the world and parts of the world have a Shadowrun feel. The starting is taken from Fallout, living in a fall out shelter and have to leave it to find out what happen to the outside world.

If more people apply I will take a max of 8 PCs. See game area for rules.

Game Description:

There is a crash and the lights go out. Living in a fall out shelter all your life this has never happen. You have trained for this.
it could be anything, a breach at the gate where they outside world is invading, a power outage where the power plant is down, maybe it's a drill but you don't think so.

You and your 3 neighbors open the doors and look at each other in the glow of the red emergency power lights. You better go find out what's going on....

Looking for crew members in space opera visiting Fading Suns, Shadowrun, Warhammer 40k, d20, Travellers, Star Trek, Star Wars, Star Gate to name a few systems
Originally Posted by rauhric View Post
So we would be 1st generation mutants, right?
And the world doesn't have any mutants yet?
Is a % of the population going to mutant or are all humans going to mutate?
What about animals? Will they mutate as well?
And do we have to mutate into elves, dwarves, halfings, etc... or can we mutant into plants, animals, and other classic Gamma World type stuff?
This idea kinda has a Thundarr the Barbarian vibe going on (for me at least). Is this the type of world you are dreaming up?
Well don't want to spoil things but yea you been protected up into now so things happen when u leave safely of shelter

nope am looking for 4 apps to start so when i get 4 we can start so no real deadline.

Synthetic I was unsure if i would allow them but if you wanted to play one i can sort something out. I was going to change one of the racial traits that screws you playing one but was unsure what replace it with, so i will figure that out.

Also, shapechangers are a possibility to be played(animals that gain the power to change into humans from Shadowrun) but you only would be domestic animals like cats or dogs anything the shelter would have

re skills so something like this would be up your alley?

That is very helpful thanks. Can get some knowledge politics and profession police officer with that to be an excellent cop. Or branch out and do the profession and add some writing or language skills.

yea i like those rules allows PC to become better rounded with skills.

so i think i am going to run the first part of the game as A solo game, so as i wait for other apps to be posted i can get the ones that finish up and out and wondering the city then have the PCs meet up. I have 1 app done and another player accepted (but no app done yet)


Bump again


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