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Kids on Bikes, a bleak future

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Kids on Bikes, a bleak future

Kids on Bikes: A Bleak Future - Forum

Hey there guys,

last week I've popped back in on these forums to try something I haven't been able to get going with any of my tabletop groups: Kids on Bikes. As a massive stranger things fan, I knew immediately that this game would be something I'd really like to run. I've read through some other games with kind of the same premise (tales from the loop and Weirdville, Anywhere mainly), but I feel really comfortable with the ruleset given in this particular system.

You can head to the forum to post an application there, which consists of 2 parts.
I want to know about your character, but mainly I want to leach you guys for some information on how Bleakwater is made up. I know that a lot of worldbuilding threads bogging down end up as a premature death to a game, that's why the decision was made to do it like this. Feel free to discuss in the OOC though if you find you want to bounce some ideas off of each other.


Game Description:

Bleakwater Michigan, 1986

Bleakwater is just one of those quaint, little, all-American towns. With a population just over 1200 people, it's one of those places where everybody knows everybody. It's a very nice place to live, with a great sense of community. With school's being out and holiday's setting inn, we soon learn that not all is well in Bleakwater......
(I'll expand on this piece a lot after we've done some 'world' building)

Originally Posted by Tragic Tales View Post
You had me at Stranger Things. This will be interesting. Which system is this being ran through?
We are using the kids on bikes system, from renegade games.

Awww yeah! Glad to see this advertising.

I'm in (well, if you accept my application that is ). My only problem is that my internet access is very spotty at the moment. We had a lot rain and a storm that rolled through our area on Sunday and there is some unknown problem with the lines (). They say that it should be fixed by this next Sunday. I'll post messages when and where I can. Hope this isn't a problem.

Well the Ashcan download is very thin on details. I buy pdfs to keep down the clutter but drivethru rpg doesn't offer it. Hopefully dead tree editions are not the only option to purchase. Has anyone seen a site selling a pdf version of the game?

I currently have 4 Applicants, with a note from some others that they're working on something.
Applications can be put up till Sunday.


On the Renegade Games Backerkit, the .pdf version of Kids of Bikes can be purchased for $5 (thanks to @Warr for the find!)

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