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The God Kings of Creation Return

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The God Kings of Creation Return

The Pinnacle of Power - Forum

Salutations, I am the self-named, God of Shounen, also commonly referred to as zeone3000.

I present to you, The Pinnacle of Power! Where a Perfect Circle of First Age Solars are transplanted from their own time to the Age of Sorrows. A simple concept used multiple times in literature. It's all about the execution with this one. I want you to feel like larger than life figures that can save the world.

What I require from potential Lawgivers is the usual RTJ. How does your Exalted think, feel and act? What do they look like? Where they come from and how did they get to where they are? Or more commonly know as personality, description and a backstory. Also, a name and age wouldn't hurt.

Now, I know one could easily write a novel about an Exalted's life... especially when one could easily be several hundreds of years old... and you totally can if you want, just keep it interesting! Even if it's short, do the same. Things I definitely want in there, are important plot points. Such as, how did they take the Second Breath? How did they acquire their merits and such? What have they accomplished in their lives to get to an Essence of five?

All in all, relatively simple just extensive. Now, I don't need a sheet to start but I understand how that can help your process, so throw one up if you need to but know that you don't need one completed. I don't expect you to put in the time and effort for that.

You have till the first of November to get an RTJ in, godspeed my friends.

Game Description:

The Age of Sorrows may very well be saved when a Circle of First Age Solars return from the Wyld.

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Can I apply even if I'm fairly new to Exalted?


I'm with Spooky, 3rd Ed is such a letdown after the sprawling expanse of 2nd Ed.

I can see the appeal of it, there's a lot LESS to learn for new players, but after TWO years they still don't have Warstrider rules, a 3rd edition of the White and Black Treatise (sorcery primer) and I'm pretty sure that none of the other types of Exaltations are represented yet, so no fully fleshed out Lunars, Dragonblood, Siderials, Abyssals, Infernals, or Fey Folk. There's no location splat books that go into more depth on all of the places around creation like Gem in the South, the Coral Archipelago in the West, Lookshy and the Hundred Kingdoms to the East, the Haslanti League to the North, or The Realm smack dab in the middle. No book of Martial Arts to flesh out the Mortal/Celestial/Sidereal Martial Arts to let you punch someone's dreams out of their head or have mortals combat those pesky 1st circle demons, that ALSO don't have a book listing them (just a bunch of $1.50 one offs).

In short, 3rd Ed is just lacking, so I don't really feel the desire to learn it when there's only one additional book beyond just the (rather slapdash) initial book, and that book is just 80 more charms for Solars.

They do have a book for Dragonbloods now (final playtest stage), and they have a published book of artefacts that includes Warstrider rules.

Oh, huh, I didn't see that Arms of the Chosen was actually out.

Still not that great support for the new system.

Well you can't expect there to be all the content out immediately after releasing the corebook. How many years did it take to build up the bulk of the content in 2E? Not to mention that a lot of that content from previous editions is still useful; 100% of the location description and plot hooks are still good and a good chunk of each detailed character could be ported over directly since the new system uses the same measures of competence. A 2e character with 4 Dex would still have 4 Dex in 3E after all. Sure the fighting mechanics are different, and the charms would need a tweak, but that's hardly impossible to sort out until an official release for your character that you want to port comes out.

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