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Alright. So a group of us were geared up to play a Mutants and Masterminds 3E game set in the Shounen Manga world of One Piece. We went on hiatus not long after starting because our GM had some real-world issues, sadly (but at least they let us know). As it stands we have a full compliment of seven players ready to go on adventures in our non-canon world (set well after the events of the Manga). We're about to head to a Marine base in order to steal a bigger and better ship so your first adventure is already locked in.

Please come check out One Piece: Second Dawn!

If anyone's interested, I'll add you to the Discord and we can discuss logistics.

Thanks for reading!

As the current GM is unable to get back into the game, I'd like to take over running Doomsday Dawns in her stead, please.

@Dybrar - Done, though she could have done the transfer herself

Hey guys, a DM set up a full game of 3E exalted in a version of Creation's West that hasn't gone completely to hell 100 years after the Scarlet Empress vanished. Does anyone want to take over for The Third Age: Shattered Isles?

You go to the Game Profile page and look for this button:

Make sure to set your role correctly for after transfer (Player or GM, as appropriate).

So, I volunteered to take over a game from another GM.
Could someone be so kind and unarchive it and install me as GM?
Link to the game is here:

Thank you in advance.

Was told, I should ask you directly.
Jeffverville has left the weave and left his players in the rain.
I want to rescue their game.
Could you unarchive it and nominate me as the GM?
Game in question is here:
Proof of me taking over here:

Thank you.

Nevermind. We found a work around.
Thanks nonetheless.

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