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The Knights of Gearhas

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The Knights of Gearhas

The Knights of Gearhas - Forum
Pokemon Tabletop Adventures

Arcane construct wielding knights in a country without magic
"The Knights of Gearhas" is the story of knights from the fantasy country of Gearhas, and the individuals they will be helping. You are one of a lucky few who have visited a magical library and had a tome granted to you. A tome that grants you the ability to use magic, and more than that the ability to summon arcane constructs. There are dozens of different reasons you might of joined the Gearhas military, between a nationalistic desire to protect to your home, a desire to grow stronger, or maybe just for the paycheck.

No matter what, you all are the lucky few, The ones to get a tome from the Gearhas library, and you've got a job to do.

Game Information

"The Knights of Gearhas" is a game that will be run using the system "Pokemon Tabletop United". Most of the details of the world are listed on the forum. Along with a couple of homebrew changes, which character sheet to use, and any other requirements you have for your character. Although the general tone of the game is going to take place in a setting that's a bit darker than traditional Pokemon games, and as such your knights should have believable motivations for why they are working in the gearhas military.


Please post your character in the Applications folder. Illustrations are preferred for your character image. When making your thread please make it with the name and playbook in mind, listed as " Firstname Lastname - Concept". I'm a gm That's generally pretty laid back, and will work with most people on their characters. It will be required to join this Discord. I'll be usually readily available with a ping, and other interested players will be around to discuss with you.

What Should I Expect?

The game itself was inspired by Black clover, but has since very much not been it. No knowledge of the series will be required as this game pretty much doesnt resemble it at this point.This setting is more serious than black clovers. Magic will not be nearly as wide spread meaning many of the people you will be fighting won't have magic and thus won't have pokemon. Your characters should still be realistic, you are characters first after all. Dont take this to mean i intend to run a dark game in general, while you might have a character death or major NPC death are still possible once, I don't intend to make this game grimdark.

Game Description:

A game set on my world of Nesvun., as knights of the country of Gearhas

Generation 10
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Decently easy enough to pick up, the actual play is simple but the cc is a bit more difficult but we can help you in the discord channel.

The discord is in the ad.

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