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A question about the toughness feat

Hey everyone thanks for the information. I can see a lot better choices are out there. I just have to look into the feats. Appreciate all the help thanks.

Originally Posted by Tedronai View Post
Dodge's +1 AC, on the other hand, is rarely worthwhile unless you're using it as a prerequisite for something better. Some builds can easily get AC (or, more likely, other defenses) high enough that most enemies aren't going to be hitting reliably anyway, at which +1 AC is largely wasted, while other builds' AC is low enough that +1 AC isn't enough to have a meaningful impact.
I don't know a lot about Feats, what's a better one to take that improves AC?

In general, I would tend to avoid feats that improve AC unless they are being taken as a prerequisite for something better.
AC is typically a relatively weak defense that is sufficiently served by wealth investment, and as such does not require investment from the far-more-limited and far-more-valuable feats resource.
If, however, you feel the particularities of a character justify spending feats to increase AC, and the source material restrictions of your game allow it, I would recommend the Martial Training feat tree from Dreamscarred Press' Path of War expansion, through which several level-scaling bonuses to AC can be acquired, along with a wide range of other useful defensive, offensive, and mobility options.


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