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Can You Survive in the Apocalypse?

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Can You Survive in the Apocalypse?

Savage Z Pocalypse - Forum
Savage Worlds

Damn Zombies...

It has been a year since the world has changed forever. The unthinkable has happened. Not an alien invasion, not a nuclear war, not the ice caps melting to flood us...

Just Damn Zombies

Welcome to the Z Pocalypse!

I will be using Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition for this game. I do not have the new SWADE version, and at this time, do not intend to invest in it. Maybe in the future.

A very important note here: Combat in most cases will not be run normally. If you are not familiar with play by post, combat can drag out and ruin games. I have an idea of how I want to handle it, but will wait until people at least show interest to discuss it. And maybe others will have better ideas. Regular combat will occur with the more climatic encounters.

Character Creation rules found here.

Additional character rules found here.

Game Description:


The world as you knew it is over. Hell! It has been over for some time now. One year to be exact. Nobody knows what caused people to rise again as walking dead, but everyone still alive can remember the good old days. From what anyone can gather, most of the world population has crossed over to the dead side, forever lost in a frenzy of chaos and feeding.

Gone of the days of worrying about what's for dinner or how to pay the bills. Now, it is all about survival. The wants and needs are now pretty simple: Food, water, shelter, weapons. Granted, that order is different for others, but those are the basics.

And surprisingly, survival has become easy for some, with the routines of everyday survival becoming natural. But, there has been talk, rumors are spreading. Nothing has been verified yet, but reports indicate that the zombies are changing. Not all of them. In fact, pretty much all zombies are still acting like... well, zombies. But it is said that some are becoming smarter, organized, and even equipped. Could the rumors be true?

Well, hello there.
Plenty. There's 2 players posting consistently and 2 hit or miss. Glad to have you aboard.

Please do. There's always more room in the zombie apocalypse. And wow! Your name... That's what I call my son! HAHA!


I'm going to pause the game for now to give you all a chance to get your app in and worked on. I would like to resume next Monday, so I'm hoping a week is enough time for you all.

I think I did this char creation thing right won't know till I post it link me the thread for posting char submissions please someone?!


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