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Be the Hero Your High School Deserves!

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Be the Hero Your High School Deserves!

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Apocalypse World

In a World...

Hello all! I'm looking for a fine group of 4-6 players for a game of MASKS! If you haven't played it before, it's a hugely fun game run in the Powered by the Apocalypse system, great for both newbies and longtime PbtA fans.

You'll be playing as a bunch of high-school-aged kids with superpowers you're just barely getting the hang of. Working together as a team, you'll overcome amazing metahumans who want you dead, near-apocalyptic events, and that math exam you've been dreading for weeks.

Hurry on over to the forum, ask all the questions your heart desires, and submit an application!

(Deadline for applications is May 22nd)

Game Description:

In Halcyon City, heroics are as commonplace as 5 o'clock traffic. That doesn't change that being a hero is a big responsibility, especially for somebody your age!

As a member of the next generation of Halcyon City's heroes, you find yourself with a lot more on your plate than finals and dating. If you're able to make it to school at all, you're faced with a constant onslaught of dirty looks, goo-goo eyed stares, and uncomfortable silence. You're not normal, and it seems like people can smell it on you.

It's not an easy way to live, but at least you've got your team to stand by you. Right?


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