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👀 How about that episode of game of thrones....jeesh! (Yes spoilers)


Yeah, of all the problems I might have had with show Cersei, casting wasn't one of them.

Originally Posted by Voord 99 View Post
Mixed feelings again. It had to end somehow, and arguably there was no very good ending available. But the criticisms do add up.
Honestly, most people don't have a problem with the way the story ended (sans two notable exceptions). The complaint is how it was written and especially how it was delivered.

That said, what became of Jon Snow and the King of Westeros, however, made no sense whatsoever within the context of the show. Just none whatsoever. They may make sense in the books were they're setup waaaaaaay earlier in the story, but in the show? Absolute nonsense. I mean, where Jon Snow ended up is just... pointless. Absolutely pointless, and Tyrion's explanation for why it isn't pointless is just absurd.

The show needed a few more full seasons, and even HBO realized it. But the lead writers seem to have been all "no f u we wanna do Star Wars, whee!" and it shows. I don't think I'll ever be able to convince myself to watch any project they work on in the future in the same way I refuse to with J.J. Abrams and similar people who treat their audience that way.

The acting was fabulous (if you ignore the bad writing). The cinematography was top notch (save the coffee cup and water bottle, which are epidemic of the "let's just get this over with" attitude of the writers). Everything was great about the show except the writing, and it started as soon as they got past the books. That's not a coincidence, and especially with this last season, they shouldn't be forgiven or offered any rationalizations for what they did.

Well to be fair...GRRM probably made this ending a long time ago...and most likely changed his mind overtime. I mean after all, he gave them the outline of his story back in 2011 and would be surprised, if everything was still the same in his head since that time.

I mean did you know that GRRM original ending involved a love triangle? (old school 1993 ending).

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