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Ive been floating around for about a year and a half and thought ide come by and say sup.

3.5 4 life

Good man :3 there is lots of that here too, so you're in the right place.

ya i was thinking of checking out 5th. The only problem is that i like the feel of 3.5. I kinda hope not too much of it is lost in 5th.

Some of it is, some of it's not.

Skills are the thing that bugs me the most about it.

By the way, did you not like the revised avatar i made for ya?

DON'T EAT DA CUPCAKE! IT KILLL YEW! Oh wait x) avatar? yeah those are fine. Vox is great with Pics and stuff.

its alright, definetly better then the dark elf I have, I was waiting to see if something a little better would come but seince its not I'm probably gonna use it


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