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I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, since I'm the GM. But I think the players in one game and I are having some major differences. I think it's a good group I just am not the right GM for them.

So does anyone want to take it over? The game in question is this one.

We have 5 great players in a low magic relatively low power game where we're playing city guards in chillax. Our GM has resigned and we're all very committed. It's a fairly relaxed pace with pretty mature players. We are all evil, but not take over the world, baby killing evil, more like quite self interested, somewhat lazy, and schadenfreude extraordinaire evil. Most of us are small time criminals filling out the ranks who are generally motivated to be armigers because they can abuse the little bit of power they have, but are kept in line by a ruthless devil worshiping tyrant... so yeah, we're those guys, those city guards that PCs and movie protagonists often beat up on without remorse. We are' The Order of the Rod, the game is Spare Not the Rod, and Here's a link :

As for development, Artofregicide says he'll still be around a lil bit, he can fill you in, though reading can give you a very good idea. It's a pretty good read too.

We have:
Grin (Kelgrin) Slagbeard: An alcoholic dwarf (maybe there'll be a clue at the bottom of this barrel.)
Martin Bitterleaf: A halfling with a big gun (talk about small man complex! j/k he's average height for a lil person)
Desta: A rough housing half-orc (what if I gave him a small push, down the stairs, with my boot)
Blackcove Billie: A smart mouthed thief (I wasn't casing the place, I was doing a risk assessment!)
Gareth Black: A grizzled veteran guard (this one may change, but he's kinda the resigned dad of the group who kinda wants to put us all up for adoption, as I understand the player would like something more magical)

I've got one up for adoption, a PTU Gym Crawl/light open world game set in the canon 'mon world but a homebrew region. Adventures in the Pokémon World.

Our GM went AWOL a month and a half ago with no warning. We're four players and three of us have agreed to post here. I didn't hear back from the fourth. Though he was active two days ago he hasn't posted in two weeks, but I sent the PM after he was last active.
Edit: Heard back from him. He responded with a very enthusiastic yes.

I can't comment too heavily on characters, as they all have a variety of privated info. We'd certainly welcome to come in and rescue us from those devilish archives.

Do we have any GMs here familiar with and willing to run a Masks game? Our GM disappeared partway through our first scene and we still have six dedicated players who want to keep going.

Well, we JUST started a Dragonlance Age of Mortals DnD 3.5 campaign (level 1 characters). We are actually in the very first scene, and there are some amazing characters and players that just found out we'll be without a GM (due to real life new job at least! So that's good!)

If anyone has a passion for Dragonlance, please consider this game. It's practically wide open, with some great character hooks.

Mod @Eric I will GM for this thread. Please set me to GM for it. THX

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