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Some of my stuff!

PrussianMoose's personal Art thread

Hi, I'm PrussianMoose and I draw things! Mostly cute girls, as they are my ~favorite~ subjects, but I draw other stuff too. Feel free to give me your opinions on my stuff! I tend towards a more cartoony style and I know some people find that unappealing. All of this stuff has been shrunk down so you don't have to suffer through stupidly large images under spoilers ;)

*Images included in this thread are more recent works! I'm not gonna bother you with my old stuff!*

Comission Information:Sadly I am NOT currently taking Commissions! I will keep this OP updated with that information in the event someone wants some of my work!

Great stuff! I love your style, it feels really spontaneous and expressive.

It's good. So much of cute today is kawaii and it's refreshing to see some western style cuteness going on.

Ah man, you guys are too nice! I've got another piece to add here under the spoiler!

Rehana Mir, Half-Elf Rogue

I'll be adding her twin soon!

That is some epic cute there. From one artist to another. A few of my applications feature art made by me (except for one app for a modern D&D setting)
I do a decent job with
Please don't recommend me to any art programs/apps. I get so many recommendations that art sites I'm on are crammed with notes sending links to different things. I am comfortable with MS Paint. I've been using it for years and although I appreciate the recommendations, I simply been told nearly every single program there is out there and I'm tired of hearing them. I put this here because 97% of the people I tell that I use this program instantly start recommending me stuff. This is in no way malice towards anyone, this is a plead to keep the recommendations to yourself. Thank you for reading this if you did and for understanding that I seen too many recommendations.
MS Paint even though it looks like a kind of anime XD


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