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World of Farland

A world conquered by evil and ruled by the Lords of Sin; A unique campaign setting designed to be used with all editions of D&D.

Website Typos and Inconsistencies

Into the thieves Guild;

Page 3, last paragraph.

"Boxes little the floor"

Should probably be;

"Boxes litter the floor"?


Page 4, Paragraph 1A: Bell trap.

Damage should be 3d6 or is this really meant to be 3d16?

Another edit: Page 6, column 2, Paragraph 1; "Braces or armor" should read "Bracers of armor"

Great catches. Changes shall be made. Thanks.

My pleasure. I've just started my Farland campaign. I'll notify you if anything else comes up. Would you prefer PM or here?

Could you let me know when the new (if this happens) PDF goes up for that module?

Yes, i will let you know. That module is probably rough on the typos. Here is fine.

During the year 8170 FR, it appears that there are three major notable non player characters who significantly control the stone of silence. Valanduil of House Cirana, Yedus Anglarond and Coress. I am hoping for some clarification of who or where the stone actually is so that I can fill in the gaps or include the information in game at a later time when it arises.

It started out being controlled by Coress, was recovered by Valanduil, was left in the care if Yedus, who co-opted it, and was eventually re-recovered by Valanduil. It started out in the Black Wood and spent the rest of the year in and around Dragonspur City. Do you need specific dates?

Specific times would be great but it seems to have happened within a short time. Am I correct in this assumption?

I've been reading through your fascinating setting, and I noticed that in the Healer section, the Origins part is copied from Former Slave Origin.

So the Healer Origin reads:
Who enslaved you and how did you gain your freedom?
Instead of whatever it should be.

Thank you! I’ll fix that tomorrow.

I think the Farland CS PDF ought to be refreshed each quarter or something.
Hmmm... food for thought.

Second question response: psionics have not officially been introduced into the setting, but individual GMs are of course more than welcome to put them in there. If they do, they can coopt the Telekinetic Explosion spell.


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