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Subplot: friend or foe who decides?

The ship moves towards wandering soul and u see zora tense up it comes next to ship and waits for away team to ready themselves for open space. The destroyed robot sits in corner.

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Kartesh says "speaking of new friends! Is that ship one of those creatures?"
The captain looks over to you and says " well let's look at this logically the creature that was loose on our ship attack without provocation was vicious and aggressive had no attempts to communicate and didn't even try to feed on the pray it kill it seems just to kill for the sheer joy of it. Compare that to the creature outside if indeed it is a creature that has done nothing aggressive to us other than attack a robot which just tells me it's far more intelligent than all of you lot. it's figured out a universal way to communicate with any language and has done nothing but show interest and compassion towards the away team . If I have to continue to go on then there's no hope for you kar tesh."

"Well Captain if it looks like a duck,and acts like a duck,to me it,s a duck"
"just because it's a larger version and shows us pretty pictures! It still blew the other ship apart"
"Maybe it's evolved over 1000 years! If it's one of those creatures,otherwise I,d say it's some form of possession or mental merging of one entity to another ,perhaps a more civilised one."
"But then again it could just be a deception master"
"For someone who has been so ultra paranoid about ,revealing to much about you or your grandparents
It,s very unlike you to be so trusting of newcomers,where as with me its second nature to distrust until trust is earned."

With a groan, Xedig continues to tap:

"Convergent evolution anyone?"

Enoch attempts to salvage as much of MAWR-Y as possible once the crew return. He pays little attention to anything else until that task is completed.

"if all you use is your eyes to form options your not going to pass any of my training i tell you right now, you have 6 senses i suggest strongly start using them ALL. In any event lets get things going. " The captain waits for the away time to be safely back on board before going over anything else.

If the team brings back the robot you can see all its systems are completely fried(basically a EM pulse hit it doing 25 dmg to anything that is effected by a EM pulse. It fried anything close to a chip or device with power.)

Willow would bring the fried bot with her, carrying it with her left hand as they return, when they return that is.

Hold here while we discuss. Farhvan's communicated before existing the strange alien craft and re-entering the Wandering Soul.

Once aboard he wasted little time. "First, you said there was a hostile loose on the sleeves, what was the overall damage? Not seeing everyone here and if they're critical I can use my medi-gel to help out." There was more than a touch of worry in his voice as he asked but he forged on.

"Second, our new 'friendo' out there seemed like it was stuck in the corpse skeeva, called it a prison. Other than getting out and making sure we saw vida on how dangerous A.I. can be, it hasn't really done anything else."

Enoch finishes his assessment and is not horridly displeased. The repairs were totally possible, though for the moment, MAWR-Y is incapable of independent action. It can still roll, and the other equipment is intact. Hopefully, he can replace or repair some of the basic heuristics at least. His focus turns back to the rest of the crew. "Zora's dead, Jake is recovering form surgery. We neutralized the threats. Nothing you can help with at the moment Ross. Shame MAWR-Y got fried, but I'm glad nobody else is injured. I intentionally limit my robots' learning capabilities to prevent such apocalyptic scenarios, I understand the response though."

"Now that the team has assembled, if partially, does anybody have a suggestion on what to do next, and what to do with this ship? I think it'll start building itself up with space debris, and then go on an anti-AI crusade for a few thousand years."

"I would probably recommend recuperating and repairing first. Is there a random buyer for the salvage? Or do you have a stable client?"


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