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High school students are the most qualified people to save the world

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High school students are the most qualified people to save the world

The Errors of Their Youth - Forum

This game won't be afraid to tackle such complex philosophical concepts.

When @hoverfrog asked me to host a level 11+ game for him, as part of a game exchange we have going on, I vowed to myself that this time I would stick to a classic concept, without going for elements/themes/ideas taken from anime, JRPGs or visual novels. That vow lasted all of 30 minutes, so yeah, welcome to yet another game by Catherine Cook that borrows elements/themes/ideas from anime, JRPGs and visual novels!

The basic concept of the campaign will be as follows: you, the players (we're going for a standard party of 4, including hoverfrog himself), are ordinary high-school students who live in present day Tokyo, Japan. You're long-time friends with one another, and you all have two things in common: you all go to the same school, and you all love a popular MMO named Xblaze Online: in fact, you're all pretty pro at the game, so much so that, despite how infamously difficult it is to level up in it, you've all managed to climb up to level 11 out of 20 which, while not superlative, is still quite the feat. This MMO is very popular among kids your age, and even comes with an app that lets you check your character's status from your smartphone.
Recently, a special event has been going on in the game: "Retrieve all of the 54 cards that form the Legendary Harrow Deck, and receive a one-of-a-kind prize!". It's essentially a treasure hunt for what are essentially the rarest items in the game, which you have to carry out across all servers. While this is happening, however, tragedy strikes: Hinata Homura, your class rep at school, attempts suicide and is brought to the hospital in desperate conditions. When you go visit her, you soon learn that, when she was found, she was holding a weird object in her hand... And lo and behold, it's the first of the 54 legendary harrow cards: how she could have a physical card in the real world, when the legendary harrow deck only exists as an event in a videogame, you have no idea.
Just as you're pondering this, the hospital is suddenly enveloped by a weird mist, monsters appear out of nowhere and start attacking people, and... Well, do I really need to tell you what happens next? You learn that, as long as you have on your person a smartphone with your character's stats, you can BECOME your character while in the weird mist, and fight off the monsters. This will lead to you having to deal with all manners of dangers, including but not limited to...

... Food porn!

... Eccentric mentors!

... Snarky remarks!

... Villains!

Collect the harrow cards, solve the mystery behind Hinata's tragic circumstances, protect your city from all manners of freaky beings, and save the world!

If the idea of doing these and many other things while being high-level Pathfinder characters in the real world appeals to you, please pay us a visit! Applications will remain open for at least 3 weeks, so you have plenty of time to ask your questions, come up with ideas, and craft something unique. My hope is that this game will offer all of you the opportunity to enjoy a classic Pathfinder adventure, but in a setting and within the boundaries of circumstances which are as far from "classic" as they could be: different interpretation, different setting, different premise, same game.
We hope you'll check us out!

Game Description:

It is common knowledge that high school students who spend most of their time playing a fantasy MMO are the most qualified people to save the world from impending doom.

Why Cathy? Why must you feed into my inner weeb?!

*sighs* totally going to look into this one LOL

This looks pretty cool.... lemmie do as i can.

I'd better get creating.

Character with an eye patch? Check.
Garish colour scheme? Check.
Unimaginable godlike power at my fingertips? Er, maybe.

I'm going for the Witch with the Cartomancer archetype if that makes a difference as to what anyone else is planning on. There is a Harrow based monk archetype and a rogue advanced talent too.

Originally Posted by Yamazaki View Post
Why Cathy? Why must you feed into my inner weeb?!

*sighs* totally going to look into this one LOL
Teehee, I live to serve

I must apply. I dont even know how much I wanted something like this until i saw it.

...I'm not usually one for isekai, but there's something about this that tickles my fancy. Almost reminds me of something like Digimon Tamers. I might have to look at this.

Currently, I'm toying around with one of the classic high school age magic users.

But seriously, teenage girls playing pet classes in MMOs sounds like a thing, and I just discovered the Ancestor Eidolon. It looks nice.


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