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Mortals Kick A__, M'kay?

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Mortals Kick A__, M'kay?

Creation's Forgotten Tales - Forum

Lost a few players again, real life can suck sometimes, and we're looking to replenish the ranks. As ever, Mortals in Creation drive nations, trade, armies, and billions of stories annually, and one (fairly epic) story is building towards a crescendo.

The Empire of Hon has been invaded by barbarian... evil... er...
As in press-ganged, Shanghai'd, kidnapped, and blackmailed
impressed forces from beyond the eastern borders. The leader of the invaders, a man named Chang who has at least a modicum of magical power in the form of Terrestrial Circle Sorcery has captured a First Age Fortress-Manse from the Empire, and had blockaded the larger, better stocked First Age fortress of Hu Zan. Our heroes to date have broken the siege, one hero, a young woman who's name
Yes, she's Mortal, yes she's a PC, and yes, it's a magical effect and NOT her own doing.
eludes you, has managed to gather a small force from the "rebel" farmers that were besieging Hu Zan, the other hero has proven his worth as the Emperor's own assassin by killing the leadership of the camp through poison.

The battle for Hu Zan is now complete, and the assault against Shou Mai is about to start. Any character design is viable, but there are a few restrictions.

First and foremost, Mortals only dood, no x-blooded, Beastmen or Exalts of any type will be considered. Characters MUST have at least one dot in a physical combat Ability and at least one dot in Bureaucracy, Integrity, Socialize, and one social combat Ability. It is recommended characters have at least 2 dots in Resources, though this is not required.

You may apply the Archetype/Profession of your choice before or while spending bonus points, but an Archetype/Profession is required before character creation is complete. We will be using the Archetypes/Professions from Scroll of Heroes, though customization is possible within that set on discussion with me. We're also using Merits/Flaws from the Scroll of Heroes too, so that gives a pretty wide range of options available.

Mortal driven Sorcery isn't exactly common, but it IS known, well enough that the Empire of Hon has an established network of sorcerers that are used for messages and travel assistance, though rarely directly for combat. They're too valuable to put on the front lines, after all. Thaumaturgy, on the other hand, is EVERYWHERE. Most everyone has some ritual they are absolutely certain does something, and more than not actually DO. You have to buy the rituals exactly as normal, but that village shaman really has magic, so does the witch that just bound your wounds, the smith making enhanced equipment, and the farmer using rituals passed down for generations to enhance his flocks and fields actually does get a better yield for doing it.

A full set of the character creation and "house rules" are available in the sub-fora, and of course, I'm available to answer questions.

Game Description:

Looking for three to five players, in a Mortals only 2.5ish game set in a Confederation member nation created by yours truly. Characters will be built using the Scroll of Heroes, including Professions and the Merits and Flaws sections. Specifics of the modifications from 2.5E Exalted are available in the game forum itself.

Posting schedule: If I'm not on a call at work, probably as fast as I can get to my phone.
Death is but a door to another realm.
Here, let me hold that open for you.
Sounds cool. Very interested. I'll see about creating a character. Is there anything in particular you are looking for or not wanting?

Looks interesting. What's your stance on Terrestrial Martial arts? (although, there's literally no way I'll be able to afford actual charms on chargen, due to crippling high cost of the Root merit - not in points, but in prerequisites).

Interesting. My initial ideas are either a savvy Guildsman or a scholarly alchemist - would either of those work?

@spoont I work around what you provide, but as a word of warning, combat IS coming up in a very massive way, we're building towards the first boss fight. Later bosses will be more accessible in social combat, Chang is very definitely physical. Support or socially aspected characters are still more than welcome though.
@Fearan TMA was actually a goal of a couple of the characters who dropped. You're right about not being able to get Charms at chargen, but there are plenty of Mortal Sifu in Hon to teach you what you would want.
@Sir Lazeabout, either of those builds would be more of a support role, as rough written, but that doesn't limit them in any way. One of the advantages of White Wolf's systems is that you can have a combat exceptional character without sacrificing any other aspects of your desired (narrower) build. I'd be more than accepting of a Guildsman (fairly low ranked at chargen of course) or an alchemist extraordinary who has picked up the fundamentals of
Thrown is a combat skill that doesn't get much play normally and it would be interesting to see a grenadiere
throwing his concoctions to good effect.

I took a look at what alchemy can do, but while it's all very cool in theory, I know from experience that I'm not that great at planning ahead - I'd probably go crazy trying to figure out which potions to have ready. So I'll go with the Guildsman, I think. Sooner or later, even the mightiest army needs someone to get them a favourable deal on tents and field rations. Having at least some basic combat skills would probably fit, though, if he's been a traveling merchant needing to be able to defend himself from highwaymen. But yeah, I'm thinking more of a social or intellectual character, since the two that are already in the game both looked pretty martial to my cursory glance.

I'll try to put some stats together tomorrow.

I look forward to seeing the build.

Hello interested players I'm a current player (Wayward Magpie, who is basically the Paladin of Communism). I would recommend, from what I've played so far (I came in halfway) is that even a non-combat oriented character wants to be rolling at least 8-9 dice in combat before stunts. And we really need someone with high War.

Also, this game is really awesome, come play.

I second the 'this game is awesome' vote. Though it looks like it picked up a bunch after I had to drop out for a bit. I'm just reading through to catch up now and it's all excellent.. just a long read. Luckily you lot don't need to go through it all xD

This game looks quite neat. I'm not all that familiar with Exalted, but I'll definitely try catching up and applying.

The concept that sprung to my mind was a Court Eunuch of the Emperor in Command(as in the background) of a troop of soldiers sent to help with pacifying the rebellion. Would this be appropriate as a rough idea?


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