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It's a Disgaea take on Path of the Righteous, dood!

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It's a Disgaea take on Path of the Righteous, dood!

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Welcome to another crazy mash-up of Pathfinder campaigns and JRPG tropes! This time around, we're looking at Path of the Righteous: this had originally started as a solo game created for a specific person but, due to circumstances, that deal fell through: rather than just archiving the forum and forgetting about the idea, I figured I'd just recycle it for a group.

So, I'm looking for a standard group of 4 adventurers, fulfilling the 4 basic roles of big stupid fighter, skill monkey, healer and arcane caster. Compared to your basic Wrath of the Righteous, you can expect this game to have more light-hearted, zany moments, although the darkest aspects of the AP are still gonna be there. To reinforce the JRPG feeling we're gonna use this system, a personal favorite of mine which takes Pathfinder and gives it a unique spin. It also powers up melee combatants and smooths out the "useless at low levels, literally a god from level 5 onward" issue most arcane classes have in standard PFs, giving more tricks to their low levels while nerfing their high levels.

Application rules here.
Circumstances that will bring the party together, and quick background on our version of the story, here.
List of people you're assumed to know about from the start here.
Despite all my edits and quirks, this is still Wrath of the Righteous at heart, so you might want to get the player guide here.
You might also want to read about the mythic rules, which we'll eventually use, here.

Application process will keep running for 3 weeks, until saturday december the 23rd. I will then take a couple of days to make my selection and set up the IC room, and then after Christmas we'll begin. If we get few but very good apps I might decide to cut the process short and start sooner.

Are you open-minded to the idea of looking at a classic AP from a completely new perspective? Do you enjoy the thought of fighting evil and having a good laugh while at it? Do you like demons? Do you like tsunderes? Do you like tsundere demons? If your answer to all these questions was "yes", then this is the game for you!
Also obligatory tags:

Game Description:

A personal take on the Wrath of the Righteous AP, inspired by Disgaea 2!

My lung condition is getting worse. I'll try my hardest to not die on you guys, but at this point I make no promises. For all it's worth, when making posts and interacting with people I'll endeavor to act normally, I'll thank you to do the same.
Bumping because those people over in the RFT topic are mean <.<

Well, if I knew literally anything about Pathfinder I might give it a shot. But alas, I know exactly nothing about Pathfinder. Best of luck to your players!

Originally Posted by MaruAmoriani View Post
Well, if I knew literally anything about Pathfinder I might give it a shot. But alas, I know exactly nothing about Pathfinder. Best of luck to your players!
It's not THAT difficult a system to learn, really, especially considering that, as a D&D player, you're already familiar with the vast majority of the game mechanics (skill checks, damage dices, feats, vancian magic, class abilities, stats...). Paizo ha an official SRD online with literally all the info you may need to play, and while we're using a slightly tweaked system in FFD20, that has an extensive online SRD too, so finding all the clarifications you need in regards to the rules wouldn't be hard.
And I've been known to be both patient and helpful towards people with no previous PF experience, and I welcome such people in my games regularly, so yeah, this might actually be a good chance to give the system a try.

... Well between you and my GodQueen I should be able to throw together something that looks reasonable. Hopefully this character will be slightly more creative than "Dutiful Soldier." XD.

You had me at disgaea, and you solidified it with FFd20. I'll look over wrath of the righteous and work on getting something up

I love the series so much! I am super out of time but I'll try to throw an application anyway.

It also just occurred to me that it should be WRATH of the Righteous, not PATH

It's not like I want to play in one of your games... baka.

Do you want character creation questions in the thread titled as such or the OOC in the main game thread?


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