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The Queen's Task Force

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The Queen's Task Force

The Queen's Task Force - Forum

Target Close Time: Saturday, December 29, 2:00pm Pacific time. (Extension is possible.)
Target Number of Players: 4. (5 is possible.)
Target Player Post Rate: once per 3 days. (More often is better.)
Character Creation: detailed rules in separate thread, but starting level 7, no
If you don't know what gestalt is, that's fine because we aren't using it.

Pathfinder chassis, Homebrew setting and plot. High fantasy with some black powder and psionics.
Setting in separate thread, but expect high diversity of race, climate, topography, and creatures overall.
No battle maps - scenery and situations will be described as they are encountered.
Private tags will sometimes be used, when a player notices/experiences something others don't.

Full transparency: this is my second time starting this game, as real life issues got in the way of my first.
If this is not your first time to Mira, welcome back.

Your Appointment and First Task

Queen Mara Clive, famed Uniter of Nations, has secretly organized a small private strike force separate from her army, navy, and skyguards. Her right hand lady and half-elven sister, Mistress of the Royal Guard Nadya Clive, had her First Deputy Anafa Kiele arrange the team.

First Deputy Kiele approached you two weeks ago and, with higher-up approval and acceptance from you, appointed you to the team. You have already met your other group members, a motley crew of varying backgrounds and surprising attitudes for what you suspect will be military or spy work, but you all share in common three facts: (1) you were all offered the opportunity to decline the appointment, but accepted (out of loyalty or for glory or for the license to kill legally or for gold or for whatever reason you have); (2) each of you seems heroically skilled, magical, or otherwise exemplary, while little known - gems dug up from outside the normal ranks, and; (3) none of you previously knew the other. You also know that nobody else knows of your appointment, except for the other appointees, the Queen, and her Royal Guard.

First Deputy Kiele has made it clear that she has a few key tasks for you. Your first task is to find and bring back, alive and discreetly, a person named Viera. This Viera's last name, appearance, and whereabouts are for you to discover, but a dedication to her was found inside a book stamped by the "Library of Kluchalia." One of the Queen's personal Guard members will teleport you to Kluchalia, a town in the tropic four days east by horse, and you are thereafter on your own.

When asked why the Queen could not simply find and detain this Viera using local authorities, Mistress Kiele clarified that you will know in time. She also added that you are free to investigate anything apparently of royal interest that might present itself during your mission. That said, you should never reveal your employment by the Queen.

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You mean two, right?

It's not uncommon to reach out to old players if you're rebooting a game but it makes for a slightly odd situation if they're jumping into the applications pool with everyone but you're possibly favouring them (though I guess I won't complain). If everyone knows that though, and it's not cut-and-dry, then at least it's not like there's any funny business going on.

Though, I also notice just now that the deadline was due to be yesterday; I hadn't really been on top of that myself, what with various holiday stuff going on. Does this mean apps are closed, then? If so I guess you don't have a problem with the re-applicants at least.


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