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A Whole New World

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A Whole New World

Beyond Paradise - Forum
Mutants and Masterminds 3e

Do you like One Piece? Are you caught up with the series in either form? Do you have a working knowledge, which does have an SRD available, of Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition? Are you a reliable and consistent player? Then the Pinstripes need you!

What makes this game different from a normal One Piece game? It starts at the halfway point of Sabaody Archipelago. Mainly because this group of players has taken part in multiple games that have started from the beginning. This means that you will have access to Haki as the Captain has trained the entire crew in its use and applications.

We currently have a cook, musician and shipwright. What we certainly need are a doctor and navigator. Other roles I would like to see would a swordsman or weapon master of sorts, an inventor and a sharpshooter. You can join at Sabaody Archipelago if you want, or you could have joined earlier.

You begin at PL 12/180 PP with the house rule of 4 Skill Points per PP.

Game Description:

There's a New World that needs exploring and we're gonna do it!

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I've decided to opt on the Duplication concept, even though the maths hurts my brain... It'll almost definitely be the most expensive considering the minions PP needs to equal my own after the deduction of duplication. Originally I was thinking:

Summon 6 (Active, controlled, heroic, horde, increased duration, multiple minions 3, mental link & sacrifice)

It would have given me 8 clones I could have left 3 on the ship and traveled around with 5. Considering that the heroic extra has been ruled out though to make my maths easier and save the few brain cells I have left I'll just go with an extra point of Multiple Minions for 16 clones... Alternatively I could take up 4 clones at rank 7, but then I can't split them up like I would like to, but ultimately I guess it'll come down to what everything else costs.

Im still looking at what other powers I would like to nicely round out the character. Im thinking create to duplicate objects, variant to duplicate devil Fruit abilities and I'd like to use something to replicate the mirror image spell from dungeons and dragons. I'm not entirely sure how to go about it yet but im thinking illusion or concealment might be the easiest, suggestions would be most welcome.

Im also in two minds between melee and ranged combat leaning towards melee though. Definitely aiming at a scientist/inventor style character because the idea of a scientist who's lab assistants are all himself tickles my funny bone.

How would you like applications to be put up, I.E is there a template you would like us to use? I see the other characters have a pretty set format, do you want us to use that setup? Additional are you still planning on making an application subgroup or should we put them with the other characters?

There's no template. I believe they were just following suit after the captain.

I have made an application folder that you can now put it in.

Awesome thank you, I'm busy working on every thing but I'll go put something up shortly. At the very least I have a name, image and concept.

@Blood Moon Shadow, for the Mirror Image spell analog, a form of Concealment Limited such that people can still target the character, but they cannot use Perception-range attacks and take the -5 penalty to-hit to represent being unsure of the character's placement. Assuming zeone's okay with it.

For my part, I'm on a real Dresden Files kick, so I was thinking a magic-user character. His backstory would be somewhat similar to Nico Robin's, in that he has abilities that the World Government wants to kill him for. If allowed, the addition to the world at large I'd make would be: Devil Fruits may grant powers from the Devil himself, but there are other forces at work in parallel and at odds. There are rumors and ghost stories of people with magical powers, gained through a plethora of ways--cults, ritual sacrifices, blessings from actual gods. The stories say that magic is similar to Devil Fruits, in that when it meets the sea it is weakened, and even running water from rivers or streams can foul it up. It's all whimsical children's stories, people think.

The truth is, most everyone has the potential to use magic, but the vast majority of the world doesn't have the opportunity or means to develop such powers. Then, there are those whose aptitude or natural abilities with magic are so great that they eventually accidentally use it in some form or another. The sad truth is that the best these people can hope for is a life on the run, for there are many in the black underworld that will kill to obtain a user of magic. That is to say nothing of the whispers that the World Government, centuries ago, put wizards and witches to the stake and cross and obliterated them from the face of the four Blues.

Lemme know if that kind of addition to the world is okay or if it's too much. The character would be the ship's doctor, since he believes magic comes from life and should be used to help others, with a potential secondary focus on 'lookout'/paranoiac.


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