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Classic style JRPG Questing!

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Classic style JRPG Questing!

Demon Quest I - Forum

A chosen one has been born, and he/she will team up with a number of companions at a local inn to collect the 7 orbs of power that will unlock the sword of legend that will enable them to defeat the Demon King!

....What you wanted something more original? TOO BAD DRAGO- I mean DEMON QUEST TIME!

Seriously, this is basically going to be a Dragon Quest game, with similar puns, story design, and side questing.

Hopefully less grinding, but I'm working on a system to let you level up your characters without us needing to break out the epic rulebook. (Gold spent on new abilities, seeds, etc).

Either way, make some apps, and let's have some classic DQ fun!

Game Description:

It's Dragon Quest but more...anime? I have no clue how to describe this game. The entire point of this game is that it's a cliche JRPG style game ala Dragon Quest. You know "A group of heroes need to gather the 7 Orbs to defeat an evil wizard who took over the world."

You know, the most cliche story ever, but some things are cliche because they work!

Am still working over some house rules and such, things will be both rough and smooth at the start.

Cyber_Goddess's Game Reviews

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Take a look at the OOC. There were a few building questions in there.

Originally Posted by Cyber_Goddess View Post
Holy Knight would be okay I guess. But you should stick to the Dragon Quest style main character build. Healing, swords, etc.

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