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Koronus Sandbox

Cant Take the Sky From Me - Forum
Rogue Trader

I am looking for one or two new players for the Rogue Trader game I am running. I'm willing to consider anything without significant overlap with the existing players.

To date the group has run several salvage missions, plundered a xeno world, dealt with a band of pirates. And is currently assaulting a primitive fortress world for fun and plunder.

The current roster consists of the rogue trader, a gunnery focused void master, an explorator, a seneschal, and a Tau firwarrior.

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Concept#1: Pretty fine, and we're getting weird enough their presence is appreciated. To make for an easier introduction, perhaps she'd need to have finished her tour and decided to look for independent employment instead of returning home, since Guard veterans are valuable. No Nyaanperor as per the GM's wishes, that's heresy.

Concept#2: Same as above when it comes to acceptability, but I doubt the squat would attempt to say Nyaanperor. Hopefully. If he wants to be a leader does that mean you'll go for a Militant with a reasonable Fellowship or perhaps Intelligence for, respectively, Command or War/Tactica Imperialis knowledge?

Concept#3: We're pre-Fall of Cadia. And I have to say, people don't inherit Rosettes unless the Inquisitor decided to make them an Interrogator or Inquisitor in their last moments, so escaping with a Rosette is just plainly a crime and an invitation to have the Ordos murder us all in our sleep if they're feeling merciful. More likely they'll torture us horribly while we're awake. The concept needs a bit of reworking.

As an addendum for anyone applying with a Career you've geared towards combat, you have to be willing to accept that combat in PbP goes by slowly and our campaign hasn't been combat-heavy so far. We're going into a military campaign so we'll see quite a bit of combat, but out of it you need to keep in mind you'll have to seek your own fun via roleplaying and/or dungeon-crawling the depths of our grand cruiser in side-chapters.

That's not to say combat characters aren't appreciated, of course. We actually have more skill experts than combat people at the moment (our pilot being both), but I want to make sure you'll be ready to deal with long periods of not being able to show off your cool combat skills (though stealing the show when you do).

@Caellath @ArcaneStomper @Silke 99 Thanks for your inputs.

Based on what you guys have said, it sounds like either the Felinid or the Cadian would be the most interesting. And given what Caellath's said, it further sound's like the Felinid could slot in the easiest with the least amount of reworking. I think I'll go with the Felinid concept. Besides, that character I think would have more to to outside of combat than the Cadian, and her goals are somewhat similar to the Squats. I could also blend elements from the other two concepts into it to make it more well rounded.

Don't worry though, while I might be inclined to occasionally steer into the cat tropes as they fit the concept, I wont be using "Nyaanperor" (I've been told it is heretical).

I'm not sure the take away from what Caelleth said is that the Felinid is the one that needs the least reworking; Guardsman just needs to not be stealing an Inquisitorial seal :P

To be fair, I never intended the Cadian to be stealing the Inquisitorial seal. My intent was more he's a legitimate claimant but is doing nothing with it ATM. Would've gotten the Agent of the Throne Elite Advance Package from Into the Storm the moment he had the 600 xp to spend on it, making him an actual inquisitor (probably of the Ordo Hereticus).

The rest of the Inquisition would've been after him to get a more full report on what happened and fully appraise his worthiness, since he kinda left before anyone could get around to him to do so. Gave that some thought though after what Caelleth said, and realize he'd still probably be a criminal/heretic (dereliction of duty), so the concept would still need a fair bit more reworking.

The Felinid just sounded like it'd have more to do outside of combat w/o needing the rework to the base concept, thus easier to slot in. If I'm wrong, then I'm wrong.

Yeah, the Cadian would need a bit of work. He wouldn't inherit the Rosette solely for being the sole survivor, and Agent of the Throne means senior agent of the Ordos (or some other organization) instead of Inquisitor.

Elite advance aside, becoming or being an Inquisitor in itself would already be a pretty serious matter since you'd be joining as someone with their own clout who, despite not being as rich as the RT, still holds enormous influence. It'd be a sensitive change requiring discussing the matter with the GM.

Since it is an ongoing game and taking too long means missing out on the fun, I'll call any interested parties one more time, as getting a character done for examination should preferably be done in a timely manner.


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