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The Mending

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The Mending

Space: Now Hiring - Forum

Actual game forum

The multiverse has changed. You have been struck loose from the power you once held, and the blind eternities have blinded you. Now you are lost. You are marked for death and soon you will be drained of the last of your power... unless.

You feel your way to a large world, and in the darkness you hear others scrabbling for it. Then more. Silence falls... you all have a firm hold. For a moment you can see -

You will all play as random MTG creatures. Colours of your choice. Based off that i'll pick a game system and pop you down in some fantasy world, where you'll have a while to grow stronger before the spark harvester (read: top-tier archenemy netdeck) shows up.

Interested? Drop a application. 5 wanted.

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