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Looking for GM and Players: FFd20 (Final Fantasy)

Looking for GM and Players: FFd20 (Final Fantasy)

Attracting GMs is difficult, but it certainly won't happen if I never try!

I would like to take part in an FFd20 (would link it, but I cannot) game, though I have not actually played it myself yet due to having trouble finding groups for it. It's a Pathfinder mod basically, with your Final Fantasy races and classes. The spell slot system has been replaced with an MP system that I'd assume gives you more uses of spells per day/ability to have more freedom in choosing what level of spells you'll want to use especially when ethers exist. Despite that, I hear that martial classes are actually pretty balanced with spellcasters.

The GM is the one running the game and of course should get to make the game their own, with whatever setting and story they'd like. I would really want there to be all races and classes available for use, with either the Pathfinder Gestalt or the FFd20 subjob system (which is a weaker Gestalt system where you get half of the levels of your second class) in use. Always loved the ability to have more than one class in games like the Tactics series and FFV! Big fan of Background Skills optional rule, too. I'm not big on pure combat or dungeon crawling games, myself though I'm not upset at them happening occasionally, as it's always fun to be in dangerous situations and I'd prefer non-isekai style, at least in the sense that these would be people from Earth transported into a fantasy world. I'd also rather do fantasy style Final Fantasy than the more sci-fi feeling Final Fantasy.

I do have the seed of an idea, if a GM would like to take it and run with it:
New settlement type of game, where a group of people maybe from this world, maybe from other Final Fantasy worlds have had to adventure forth and create a new home, for one reason or another. The player characters would not exactly be adventurers and would start at level 1 (maybe advance quickly through the first few levels, though?), either due to being young and inexperienced or just plain not being the kind out there hunting monsters. The group of player characters would just be a small group within other settlers, but the ones who really get things done. Ideally the player characters are good at other things than just pure combat.

Emphasis on roleplaying and relationship building, but there is a lot to do to make the settlement prosper. NPCs will have their issues, it's important to make sure there's enough resources (quests!) and of course, there's going to be monsters and other dangers that need to be dealt with. Maybe we're not the only settlement nearby, either. Maybe they'll be our allies or our enemies. And, of course, some downtime where we can just hang around and get to know each other. Some slice of life, heavy social elements, creative thinking and problem solving and some monster bashing and exploration of whatever mysterious things we might find around us. Central hub is our ever-growing little settlement, which we will hopefully get to know well and grow attached to.

Would be easy to replace missing players to keep the game going, as there's plenty of other people around and newcomers who join the settlement in-character. I'd like a game that lasts, so inspired players who are committed and can communicate is important, but you never know what might happen. This style of roleplay does also require you to have some goals in mind without everything being given to you by the GM, so be willing to be proactive instead of just reactive, when things slow down and get quiet!

I have had more success with play-by-post games on Discord, and I would be fine with doing this on another platform other than these forums, if others show interest as well. Real time chats have the advantage of people talking more OOC to keep things active, and activity breeds activity. Forum games can survive too, as long as we keep the ball going and talk to each other if we need to take a break or don't know what to do! It's really difficult to make a comeback once a game goes silent for a few weeks, so I am hoping for a GM and players who really don't want to allow that to happen.

I hope we'll manage to get a group together and have fun.

Heya homie! I might be up for this, why don't you join the MW discord and we'll talk shop for a while. FFd20 anime kingdom building? I might have an idea that could work.

Welcome to the forum!

Indeed, welcome to Myth Weavers. ^^

I seem to be running into Final Fantasy games as of late. Color me interested/curious in this venture. Meanwhile, I go to review the FFd20 stuff a bit. I'm aware of it, just haven't looked at it too closely yet.

Ah, thank you. I've had my account for a while, but have never ventured this far.

Cyber_Goddess didn't know this was also going to be Final Fantasy themed instead of just using the system, so I definitely don't want to push them to run a game they're unsure about! A great big thank you for them for reaching out and offering help to a newcomer like me, though. You're awesome!

The game is still open and more interest is definitely welcome. I'm not super familiar with the nuances of the system, but I know people who know it inside out, so I can definitely ask them if questions pop up.

Well it's still based on top of Pathfinder, so Most of it I understand already. The Final Fantasy theme basically plays as a powerup for the idea that you tend to have to jump along monster creatures to hack at various parts of them. Not too much to adapt to!.

The flavor of Final Fantasy is basically in it all though, so while it could be used in a non-FF way, it just seems morel likely it might end up sort of like that anyways. Either method works though!

Easy enough to pick up if you're familiar with Pathfinder, for sure! I'll keep this updated with what I know of the status of a potential game. There's absolutely nothing set in stone and Cyber_Goddess was on the fence, so if someone else feels like they want to have a go at running this, do pop in. More interest is always good.

Always loved the system and Pathfinder is also a huge plus. So you can add my interest to the interest pool!

I'm willing to run the game. The issue is that I didn't realize that you wanted a Final Fantasy SETTING.

And I know very, very, very little about Final Fantasy outside of the stuff that basically every gamer knows because it's basically in every JRPG.

I could easily do a JRPG style homebrew setting, but I don't know the Final Fantasy settings themselves to do them "justice". That's where I'm on the fence.

I'm more of a Dragon Quest girl, if you get my drift.

The good part about that is that basically every Final Fantasy has a different setting. You can very easily homebrew a setting and add some Key Final Fantasy Pieces™ to make it feel like Final Fantasy, and I'm totally on board with that! It actually makes it easier to add a lot of stuff from many Final Fantasy settings like races and such that should not exist in the same world.

If you want to give it a go, I think pretty much everyone who has mentioned they're interest would support you with whatever you might need help with. But I also don't want you to feel like you have to do something if it's not feeling right!

Give me a list of "Key Final Fantasy Pieces" in this thread. and I'll draw up a proposal to propose officially in this thread.


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