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What would be an acceptable punishment for PC animal cruelty? Note that said animal (cat in this) is very special and can kill the PCs that hurt it should that be acceptable. It was also wounded in a previous encounter and is thus not in the best dispositions to be nice.

Originally Posted by RedRajah View Post
anything specific about the world/system?
It's for PF but given that this is a homebrew creature and in a heavily homebrewed adventure, I'm not so much constrained by the system as I might be. As I've said, this animal is more than capable of turning someone into a smouldering skeleton.

I'm more concerned about this being "unfair" to the players since there's only a couple of signs that this cat is not normal.

Have the creature defend itself.
Make clear the distinction between self-defense and attempted murder (don't have the cat continue attacking if the threat to it stops, do not have it pursue, etc)

Does a Ranger have to identify the monster as belonging to the Favoured Group/s before the bonuses can apply, or do they apply regardless of the Ranger knowing wheather it belongs or not? Pathfinder specifically.

Given that the benefit even applies to the knowledge check to identify a creature, I'm going to say they get the benefit regardless.

Is it possible to have several polls within the same thread? Like a choose your own adventure game. You post a bit and the players vote on what happens. Then you post the next bit with another vote.

That's good. You could use polls for what direction to go or what actions to take.... It could make for a simplified adventure for the newest of players.

I don't know of a way, Jimmy. You could make multiple threads and move to a new one each time there was a poll? I know that's not very sophisticated.

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