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Ah. You know that you and I are on the same page in these things, Doc, but this particular game is a 3.5er and some of the players are very mechanics-minded. Rather than break the verisimilitude for them, I prefer to do what I can within rules as well as story.

A hallmark of a good DM.

Originally Posted by DrMorganes View Post
**looks around for AbsentWizard**

Seriously, guys, throwing physics into this only complicates something that was meant to be fun and interesting.

Firk: One may ask, "How fast does fire burn?" and answer, "It burns at the speed of plot." Does it serve the story to have the ship go down? If not, the fire doesn't cause enough damage to sink the ship. Heck, if there isn't a way to move the ship if the sails burn, than the fire doesn't even destroy those. All that elemental water must have better "anti-fire" properties than good ol' Prime Material H2O, or something.
Reminds me of an interview of the creator (or writer or both!) of Babylon 5 when asked about the speed of the ships. He said they moved at the speed of the plot - if they needed to get there in two days, they could. If the plot needed them to take 5 days, they did.

Originally Posted by Shtychkn View Post
Reminds me of an interview of the creator (or writer or both!) of Babylon 5 when asked about the speed of the ships. He said they moved at the speed of the plot - if they needed to get there in two days, they could. If the plot needed them to take 5 days, they did.
I know. That's what I was thinking when I posted.

Actually I was suggesting Water Elemental because they have an ability that explicitly puts out fires (called Drench, not Quench. So shoot me).

Although having the barrels -explode- rather than burn would be pretty cool. But then the mephits wouldn't get a fast-heal area.

And regarding speed of plot...I usually let anything happen that doesn't directly conflict with the plot, in priority of what makes the best story, then what makes the plot go forward fastest, and finally flavor tidbits that don't matter either way. If the plot literally can't advance because you lose the ship, then either the ship is repairable, or else gets some cosmetic damage (I read at one point that you have a spare, right, so it's OK if you lose one). If it's going to hang the story up for too long to lose the ship, then no matter what the PC's do, some helpful NPC (who has a vested interest in it, after all) is going to make sure the ship doesn't sink...likely saving their own hide in the process.

On the other hand, if it doesn't slow the plot up too much, and it makes a decent story (and how could it -not-) then I'm all for the ship burning and sinking. Make the PC's choose between rescuing loot or helpless passengers :P

In the end, like all RPG's, D&D is about what makes the best story ("best" meaning providing an awsome experience for the players+DM). Mechanics come a distant second in priority, although -changing- mechanics, especially mid-fight, makes for a bad player experience.

How much time do you want to spend? The niftiest ones come from high-end graphics applications like Photoshop and Gimp, but you can make very useful and quick ones with a simple spreadsheet. Using something like Googledocs means your players can update their own positions too.

Example from a game I'm in. Please don't move anything.

There is a good overview of mapping options in the Myth-Wiki.

you can also do maps with [code] tags, like this:
. . . R . .
. . B B C .
. . B B . .
. . . T . .
. . . . . .
. W . . . .

B - Big Bad
C - CoDzilla
R - Rogue
T - Tank
W - Wizard
People can quote your message and update without too many headaches.

Stinking Cloud question:

Can the Nauseated condition be removed by any kind of spell? My player is attempting to have another player use a greater dispel on him to remove the condition. I looked into such spells as restoration and they don't seem to specifically address nausea either. Does the player have to wait the 1d4+1 rounds or is there a way out? Thanks.

1 & 2) One of the crunchy people can answer that mechanically if they want to. However, following mathematics here could get you into trouble if they support too large a fire/spread. The way I see it, you are on a ship and you're the GM. Mathematics may say the oil spreads by [x] each round, and the fire then spreads [y]. But you're on a vessel that is rocking back and forth. [x] and [y] may not apply.

I think this is something you should do by feel. You're in a vessel surrounded by water. There are a ton of things to help you out if you get in trouble. The mast could be weakened by fire/battle and fall, smothering some of the flames. The ship could lurch, causing a barrel that has not yet leaked all its oil and is cast overboard. Water could splash onboard, thinning the oil too much to sustain flame. I say you don't need a formula for this one.

3) Do sailors oil the wood on a ship, to counter the damages of water? I'm not looking it up, and I don't think they do, but if they do, some ship parts could catch fire immediately. Otherwise, assuming each round is 10 seconds still, wouldn't it take about 30 seconds or so, less on fabric, for fire to be contagious?

4) Food. Barrels of grain and maybe rice and such that can be used to smother. Spare fabric for sails. Spare lumber can be used to absoarb oil and intentionally spread the fire to castable surfaces.

sounds fun, btw.

Edit: sorry. For some reason I was catching your original question as last post. Don't mind me.

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