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World of Farland

A world conquered by evil and ruled by the Lords of Sin; A unique campaign setting designed to be used with all editions of D&D.

An Email I Just Received

All hail the creator of the Lords of Sin!

Wait a minute... that seems like a bad thing.... oh well, The World of Farland is amazing and is worthy of even greater praise.

Thanks so much.

Originally Posted by Miladoon View Post
Farland is going to be famous someday.

Ur, mo famous.
Years toiling in obscurity until my breakthrough and... A teeny bit less obscurity! Haha that's okay, it's a labor of love.

I often get emails from people telling me they are setting their game in Farland. Here's another nice one I got today:

My players have opted to play DnD 5e in your setting. They had a number of game systems and settings to choose from, and unanimously chose yours.

Thanks ahead of time,

[name withheld]


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