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Real-world Languages to Represent Fantasy Races

Real-world Languages to Represent Fantasy Races

I was looking on the Internet for a good English to Elvish translator (text), but couldn't find one. Then I came across a site where someone asked what real-world languages would be good to represent fantasy races. There were many responses to the question, but each fantasy language had a lot of choices given. For example, Elven had the following: Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Gaelic, etc. So, I'll ask the question here, and see what you come up with...

What real-world language would you use to best represent the following races?

Elven (high elves and wood elves, if there would be a difference between the two)

Here's the link to the site that I came across: link removed

Also, if anyone has come across any good fantasy race translators, I'd appreciate you letting me know what they are.

Thank you

This topic has come up before. It is not possible to discuss something like this without someone seeming biased to someone else, especially when discussion inevitably comes around to the “traditionally evil” races. Due to such factors, the thread has been closed.

We do have rlang tags for use in games that will generate a “translation” into a race’s language for GMs to utilize.

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