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Game Genre?

I mainly prefer scifi, especially if it is the kind seen in games like GURPS: Transhuman Space and Eclipse Phase (though I'm actually against the transhuman stuff IRL it does make for interesting fiction). Following that would be cyberpunk and space opera. Fantasy (ideally of the quasi middle ages verity) is also loved closely after.

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Black Wyvern

I get you. My next D&D game (B/X clone likely) is rooted in 12 century England. Adventurers are not heroes, they are people who do unpopular jobs that frequently leave them dead. In exchange for this they get to buck the social system a bit, as long as they aren't too noisy about it. which doesn't keep the rest of the very stratified society from resenting the hell out of them. Very human. Mind you that is just a backdrop. It will still be D&D. Just a D&D where it is better to be suspected as a Magic-user than to be known as one.
That sounds very promising. I'll keep a look out for when it's app comes up and try to get cleric app sent in.

The one constant I really look for in a game is "characters who are competent". I don't like playing the "people with powers stumbling around trying to learn how to use them".

Other than that, I love changing settings and genres. At any given moment, my favorite genre is usually the one I haven't had the chance to play in a while.


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