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Advertisements Apearing Mid-Post

Advertisements Apearing Mid-Post

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Message: I am having advertisements appearing in the middle of long posts. This started this weekend I believe. They are breaking up narrative flow and screwing up formatting.

This only seems to happen on my cell phone.

@evedgebah We’ve gotten reports, looking into it now. Thank you!

Thanks for the acknowledgement and swift reply. Hope it gets resolved soon.

Thanks for bringing this up - the automated placement code had inserted 3 into that single post, which is pretty ridiculous. In response I've adjusted our placement settings, that should prevent it.

I just refreshed the page now and it appears the same (different advertisements), just wanted to let you know. Will the fix only prevent future instances?

It may take some time, or may require a hard refresh, or clearing cookies/cache to take effect. I’m already not seeing it when I test but I’m not a good measuring post - in order to test in the first place I have to log out & clear cookies etc or use another browser that doesn’t already have something cached

Tested with an incognito tab. The algorithm change worked.

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