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Gesalt swift hunter build

Gesalt swift hunter build

Got a Gesalt game coming up and I'd like play Scout + Ranger Swift hunter with fighter on the other side who uses Archery

Race is human

I need feat Advice as welll
As advice on triggering skirmish

Starting at level 3 with a 30 point buy

Books allowed Are

Tome of battle
Complete scoundrel
-Eberon Setting
-Heros of Horror
Book of Exalted deeds
Complete Arcane
Complete Divine
Complete Adventerer
Complete Warrior
Orentail adventures

Or advice over all on build would be most welcomed

I would be remiss to not first mention the excellent Swift Hunter Handbook, which will probably contain all the advice you could ever want. Also, the fact that the Swift Hunter feat may be banned by your GM in gestalt, as
Prestige classes that are essentially class combinations-such as the arcane trickster, mystic theurge, and eldritch knight-should be prohibited if you’re using gestalt classes, because they unduly complicate the game balance of what’s already a high-powered variant.
the gestalt variant suggests avoiding such things. However, your GM is the final arbiter, and if they say its fine then go ahead!

As far as triggering Skirmish, there's a lot of info in the link I shared but the method I've found to be the simplest is a one level dip of (Cloistered) Cleric with the Travel Devotion feat. You can usually pick up a few nice abilities from your other domain choices, the chassis has decent skill points and a good Will save, and a Swift action to move your speed is straightforward.

Lastly, from a pure optimization standpoint, Fighter isn't the best combination if you plan on going to high levels. Typically in gestalt, its "best" to choose options that shore up your weaknesses or diversify your abilities. However, optimization isn't everyone's favorite thing, and at low levels Fighter is a fine choice for an archer since it helps you get over that early hump where you have to take a ton of feats to be effective.

The hybrid feats are a less of an issue than actual dual-progression PrCs so long as you don't expect to get double progression on e.g. Ranger|Scout levels. You can of course qualify a little earlier, but it doesn't make as much of a difference as e.g. Mystic Theurge does. Still, worth checking what the score is in any given game.

Swift Hunter itself is great for making Skirmish more reliable, as it allows you to bypass immunity. However in order to trigger it you still need to move, and ideally you want to be able to move and also full attack in the same round; unfortunately, Fighter does not help a lot with this. Cleric is indeed an excellent choice (you can go Cleric|Ranger then Fighter|Scout to maintain full BAB) and Travel Devotion is fitting for many Scout/Ranger type characters. Unfortunately, though, you need Complete Champion for that. Gestalt also opens up more options which wouldn't normally be terribly feasible, such as taking a few levels of Swordsage which would combine very well and allow access to manoeuvres such as Sudden Leap or Pouncing Charge.

Something worth noting is that gestalt changes the traditional advice quite a bit - normally you want to take less Scout and more Ranger, because Ranger provides full BAB and, with Swift Hunter, Skirmish. However if you're also using Fighter, you get full BAB anyway, so Scout|Fighter starts to look like a better option than Ranger|Fighter (it's still progressing Skirmish and Favoured Enemy). In fact, Swift Hunter is less useful at all in this scenario because extra Favoured Enemy is nice but it's not as good as the extra Skirmish that people normally take it for. I'd probably want it anyway for the ability to bypass immunity, mind you.

Personnally I would go RANGER / SCOUT on one side and CLERIC on the other. Then you can PRC the cleric all you want to help with the Ranger side of things and not have to worry about ranger spell casting at all. The lost BAB is made up with Cleric. With Eberron made available that opens up Sovereign Speaker which will give you all the Domain Goodness you will want.

Travel, Planning, War, Knowledge, Fate, Luck, Transformation and Time would all be good ones for that build.
Glory may work with it if you want to use some melee as well as archery and Elf is good for ranged characters in general.

There's one huge problem with the advice so far, excellent as it is. Travel Devotion is probably off the table, note the absence of Complete Champion on the allowed sources list. Without access to TD, triggering skirmish becomes a good bit trickier.

Haste doesn't help at all with your actual problem, which is getting movement (to trigger Skrimish) + full attack. Haste is good, but it only gives you a bonus attack in 3.5, so you still need some form of swift movement or similar.

Unfortunately, with that sources list, a lot of the classic ways of doing this are off the table. Travel Devotion is probably (one of?) the best, Hustle is quite easy (but no Psionics), etc... you have ToB for Sudden Leap etc, but it's hard to make those work reliably.

Worth noting that the swift movement only really matters once you get multiple attacks - for a L3 character, move-and-attack or charge is perfectly viable. However if you're planning on going ranged, you want Rapid Shot, which requires a full-round action.

The other option is Greater Manyshot (something of a compromise) though, again, it's not covered by the listed sources. You might get away with it since it's on the SRD and doesn't actually have anything to do with Psionics despite being from the XPH, but that a question for your DM.

Cleric is still a good choice (Clerics make great archers, heavy armour + Zen Archery is a nice option - though less good for Swift Hunters who need movement - domain choices can help a lot, and spells basically win; I like PrC Ranger to get Guided Shot but it's less relevant for a Skirmish-based character who has a limited range anyway) but it doesn't directly help the main strategy.

Ok First off I should Elaborate a bit more

In this game each player takes turn GMing/DMIng for 4 to 6 sessions then the next Gm takes over to allow something that we did not pick as a group as to me a 4 or better vote.

I Myself am a gm but have to discuss with the group if certain things are ok

we are allowed to only use those books , how ever we worked it out that we can take alt class features from any book / Dragon magazine

I know i want to a swift hunter build on the first side (worked it that swift hunter is allowed) SO far i am thinking

Race Human and using kukuri or Razor claw shifter and using my claws

going swordsage or warblade on the side and using tiger claw mostly

Ah, a melee Swift Hunter is a bit of a different beast. It's easier to trigger Skirmish but also requires a bit more survivability. You should consider a fair bit of Swordsage for the Shadow Blade feat (Dex to damage) as well as Assassin's Stance or some of the more defensive minded stances. If you can get permission, the Unarmed Swordsage variant will be an excellent idea for you with few downsides.

Other than that, your damage will ideally come from Pouncing or Shadow Hand maneuvers (Tiger Claw is also excellent for this purpose) while Two Weapon Fighting. That can be pretty feat intensive, so Fighter (for two to four levels) is an option. Pick up Gloves of the Balanced Hand as soon as possible to get your Imp. Two Weapon Fighting without spending a feat.

If you're feeling particularly ambitious, Telflammar Shadowlord is within your reach for higher levels, which just gets nuts. The Mystic Ranger variant from Dragon is also worth notice, since it'll get you spellcasting from level one and will be respectable even after losing a few levels to Scout. If you decide against, then the Distracting Attack variant will remove your animal companion in exchange for making anyone you hit count as flanked to your allies, and the Champion of the Wild variant will help you with your heavy feat load.

In that case, I'd consider using the rest of the gestalt to get some spellcasting. Cleric is an option, PRC'ing out as quickly as possible, or Druid (there are some good variants there too). Alternatively, devote yourself wholeheartedly to Tome of Battle, and try to pick up as much versatility there as you can.

Tiger Claw ought to serve you well enough for melee at low levels. Wolf Fang Strike is as many attacks as you'd make TWFing before L6 anyway (it carries a -2 AB penalty so it's slightly worse if you're using claws) and it's a standard action so you can move and attack. Sudden Leap lets you move as a swift action (you do need a decent Jump modifier, though). Eventually you get Pouncing Charge and some other swift-action-movement manoeuvres, but there's a bit of a gap. On the up-side you get some standard-action strikes to fall back on - you'll only get Skirmish once with most of these, which is bad, but at least you can mitigate that by still being able to do something cool. There are also some which involve movement (like Death in the Dark) which at least make sure you do get one lot of Skirmish.

Grab some Anklets of Translocation in a couple of levels to make up the shortfall.

Shadow Blade is probably the better option, but Skirmish also calls for TWFing and Tiger Claw, which in turn mean that Blood in the Water is a good choice (dual-wielding kukris or something). If you're feat-starved, you could always start this way and switch into Shadow Blade later... that said, Child of Shadow also has great synergy with Skirmish. Well, you've got options, anyway.

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