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Printing Character Sheets

Printing Character Sheets

Either I'm missing something or the option isn't there..

Is there a way to see a printable version of the whole character sheet?

Which sheet? Certain sheets are more printable than others. Print ability is not a high priority for us, but the newer sheets are designed to be paginated.

The Dungeons and Dragons 3.5e Character sheet, because as well as using them with Play by Post games, I also use them as an aid with the Tabletop games that I play, so it would be useful for me to print them.

That one is definitely not an upgraded sheet. It's not high on the list of redos either, since we have a bunch of other sheet requests that don't exist in any form yet. Sorry...

That's fine, I was just checking to see if I was missing anything.

If you're using a browser like Chrome, the ability to "print" to a PDF is built in. For other browsers (and other applications), you can install something like doPDF, which will add a "printer" to your computer that actually creates a savable PDF.

If you're in Chrome, another option would be to save it to Google Drive, where you can customize the sheet to fit your needs. To save a sheet to Google drive from Chrome, click on the triple bar logo in the top right corner of your screen. From there, click on Print and tap on the box to select where to print it from. Scroll all the way to the bottom, and under the heading titled Google Cloud Print, there should be an option that says "Save to Google Drive". click on it, then click on the blue Save button. I hope this helps!

Just in case you're using Firefox, I just downloaded and tested with success the add-on Web2PDF converter.

To find this, go to:


Go down to Add-ons

Then, in the newly-opened tab, go to the upper right corner and in the search box type "convert pdf"

You'll be looking for the add-on that looks like a yellow folder containing a tiny pdf file

To the right of the icon, click Install

At this point you will be prompted to restart your browser

After browser is restarted, a pop-up box will open that asks where you want to place the Web2PDF button (I personally used the first option)

Now, go to your Myth-Weaver character sheet in the Firefox browser

If you selected the first option for your Web2PDF icon location, you will see it in the upper right hand corner of the Firefox browser's menu buttons.

Click the Web2PDF icon and your character sheet will be converted for you to download!

This worked for me. Good luck.


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