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Calling all Cypher Game Players

There's a Strange recursion for that, now that I think about it. I believe it's called 13th Reich. The head of the SS has a divining rod made out of somebody's spine he uses to find dissonants. Also, there's power armor with a shield and minigun.

This game does everything.

Yes, yes there is the 13th Reich. Considering We just finished watching The Man in the High Castle...

Never played the system, but I read the rules and I liked them a lot. I only have Numenera corebook, but I will certainly join any game in the system that I like the concept.

I applied for one, but it seems to be going nowhere.

ahh the number of awesome sounding games that have never gotten past character creation...


What do I need to do to get less awesomeness and more credibility?

So I am seeing a bunch of interesting ideas for Cypher games, from the standard Numenera, The Strange games to superheroes, scifi, modern urban fantasy and more. A couple of the more interesting ones I have seen are 1) a mashup of Harry Potter and Diehard and 2) a mashup of Scooby-Doo and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

So what are some of the more interesting Cypher games you have run, played in or seen? What would you be intereste din playing in? (Not that I have room for another game, but maybe there is someone on here who would like to give it a whirl).

Originally Posted by Aavarius View Post
I don't think those things are mutually exclusive
They are not, but the first is overrated. You cannot sustain awesomeness for long, it exhausts very fast, but not credibility. Credibility can be sustained and it is more important than the first in the end.

Originally Posted by TatteredKing View Post
1) a mashup of Harry Potter and Diehard
You can't drop something that silly and not elaborate.


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